"I Believe I can Fly". Sure is not sailing, but still quite an amazing scene.

awesome. basejumpers, glidesuits - all that stuff looks like it would be so fun. maybe I would have tried it (pre wife and 3 young boys), but probably not these days. awesome, awesome video.
FWIW, I did do the tandem-skydiving right after graduating high school. the tandem skydive was nice because you only had to do 1 hour of a video training, and then your jump harness just clamped onto the harness of a guy who had jumped untold times in his life.

we jumped out of a small airplane at 10,000 feet, free-falling for the 1st mile, pulling the chute at about 5,000 feet. it was pretty sweet, and in retrospect, I probably should have forked over the cash to have it video-taped (but I was a cheap 17-year old at the time!). I was also first out of the plane, so I didn't even have time to get nervous!
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Sound quite an awesome experience. I never jump with a parachute, but I used to rock climbing and underwater caving almost every week. Off course the south of Italy was offering more of these opportunity, but sometime I wish I was keep it going over here. There is no comparison for jumping into a blu whirlpool underground and fit into the unknown.