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Looking for a new sail, ran across the eBay store for “Herb B” and am intrigued. They are a recreational cut. Anybody have experience with these sails and how do they compare to the North and Intensity offerings?
There used to be a "Judy B" sails. I believe she worked at a larger well known loft....cant remember which one. That's who made my stars and stripes sail. Seems she stopped her side gig...retired..or?
sailcrafters here had the same sail listed im pretty sure. not that exact sail but the same brand and design im pretty sure. just mentioning it. also, i came across this recently in my search for sails.

now i know absolutely zero about the technical aspects of sail construction but i also cant count how many boats ive been on with pryde sails. and this seems like a fantastic deal for a new rec sail. i think my buddy is going to grab one. plus a window option is silly cheap.
I have a Neil Pryde sail, can't complain, several to pick from, mine has the window also and I think the price was like $162 with shipping. I also just picked up a sail from our own Signal Charlie on his Small Boat Restoration Blog, an Orca sail for $120. includes shipping, gotta love that.
Beekeeper expect a partial refund on that sail, there is a discount for Forum Members! (Orca sail)

We've always been happy with Neil Pryde sails, they've held up well on the boats we acquired.

And as mentioned, Herb is a trusted seller of parts, call sign snfish1 on ebay or something like that.

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