Exactly. Air temperatures recently have been touching down to freezing but mainly about 5ºC above. I wear a shortie wetsuit over thermal base layer (thermal t-shirt + thermal trousers) with spray top, hiking shorts, thin fleece and bouyancy aid on top. I also wear dinghy boots and gloves. I find that combination allows me to move easily - dry suits in lasers are cumbersome - while keeping me warm.
In the EU (Euopean Union) the advertising laws say that such floatation things have to be either "Life Jackets" or "Bouyancy Aids" so in the UK, "PFDs" are known as bouyancy aids.
Frostbite Georgia

Hey Bradley, what part of Georgia do you live in? If you're anywhere around Atlanta then Lake Lanier Yacht Club has a frostbite series. Yeah, I know, it will probably never even be cold enough to ever need a drysuit, but we call it frostbite anyway.


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I am down in South GA. Tomorrow we are calling for a high of 66-70 degrees. Not quite frostbiting weather down here. Haha.
are you kidding me-that's crazy

...i live in atlanta and we don't go out unless it is above 36 degrees

last week it was about forty and everybody was complaining about it
lol Ken. It's hard to think of any sailing right now where I live. A low-pressure system that formed over Canada has swept in and the high for today was 15 degrees fairenheight. Wind chill makes it a little above 0.