Flying Fish?

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The Flying Fish was an unusual boat. 120 sq ft. fully-battened main (and no jib.) So it required a crew due to its humongous sail, but not much for the crew to do except hike since there was only the one sail. I believe a Finn has 110 sq. ft. of sail, so I suppose someone built like a tank could single-hand a Flying Fish in a blow, but I doubt Alcort intended to build a competitor to the Finn. BB
My two older brothers had a Flying Fish back in the 80's. I can attest that in a light breeze a 100 lb kid could handle one alone, but it definitely helped to have some deadweight; er, I mean a crew. On one occasion the track holding the sail to the fiberglass (?) mast separated - it sounded like a shotgun blast when it happened, and the mast bent like a fishing pole (I witnessed this from a Sunfish close by). No real damage and some epoxy solved that problem easily; according to the sailboat shop it wasn't uncommon with these boats.
Aloha, I was given a Flying Fish in excellent condition. The only thing missing is the sail; any ideas where I might find one?
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Will be really difficult to find a sail much less in decent shape. I have a Flyingfish and my sail is decent but not usable in a strong breeze for fear of ripping. I could send you dimensions and you could get quotes to make a new sail. One place might be Kevane Sails in Massachusetts.

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If you are in Hawaii, try North Sails, as they are the dealers for Sunfish and can quickly modify a sail to fit your boat. Where do you keep her? Aloha.
If you can figure out what sail can be "quickly modified" fcpaloha would be appreciative. I suspect modifying a sail at a loft like North to fit a Flying Fish would cost more than the value of the boat. There will have to be a cheaper option. Here is a link to some FF stuff - the FF is quite unique.
You are right. I was not aware that the Flying Fish was not similar to a Sailfish or Sunfish. I have used North Sails loft in Hawaii to do lots of repairs and modifications to sails for my 44' Pearson Countess, and they are a great loft, but not magicians! Mahalo for you input and correcting my bad tip to fcpaloha. I would still like to know where he will sail the boat when he finds a sail for her!


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Aloha, I was given a Flying Fish in excellent condition. The only thing missing is the sail; any ideas where I might find one?
Most catamarans have battened sails: you could look for a used catamaran sail, and have the foot stitched to fit.

I have two spare mains for a Tornado catamaran, but they're both really, really old ones, with World Olympics stamps. Unfortunately, they're both located 7000 miles from you! :confused:

I've been looking across the internet for a FlyingFish sail or one compatible with the sailboat. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to purchase such an item? I've reached out to a few shops and have not had much luck yet. Appreciate any guidance.
Hey there...

I sold my AMF Flying Fish back in the late 80ies.
It had a BIG '' SOS '' Painted on the Keel.

I am now looking to re-purchase another Flying Fish.

Your sail may come in handy.

If you happened across a Fish for sail.

Please keep in touch.
Your sail may been required.

I'm near Richmond Virginia




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Have a new custom made full batten, multi-colored sail with flying fish log. will consider
Hi Rich, we just bought a flying fish and we're doing some research on replacing the sail. I don't know what a reasonable offer would be for the sail you have, but I would be interested in talking with you about it, and possibly buying it. I'm not sure how to get in touch with you from this site, so I'm hoping you see this reply :) in any case, a response would be greatly welcomed! Thanks, Jayci in Utah
Hey to Rich & Jayci !

I hope you get your sail from Rick.

If the two of you know of a FlyingFish for sale east of the Mississippi .
I would be happy to hear about it.

Who knows... maybe we will locate my old boat

SOS FlyingFish

She was a factory white hull and lite blue deck.
I repainted the deck white .
( much cooler to sit on)

And repainted the hull a Corvette blue
above the waterline.
So it matched the blue on my 1968 Corvette.

Also an S O S
painted across the keel
was 39 inches tall.

Each letter was 18 inches wide.

The letters were 6 inches bold.

So the whole
covered half the bottom
of the originally white hull.

Splitting the center-board slot
with the '' O'' in the huge

S O S.

If anyone you know... has an update on
where the
SOS-Fish sailed off to?

It would be interesting to know her port.

Good luck on the sail purchase.

( public request )
Hope to hear back about any sightings
Since the mid 80ies
of the
SOS FlyingFish.

Never should have thrown that fish back.
( The new wife did not like to sale.)

Near Richmond Virginia

No name was on the transom.
.....When turtles.....
'' S 0 S''
! Says it all !
So I have recently got a Flying Fish from a friend that had no sail and a broken mast. I just happened to have the mast and sail of a Jetwind (Snark Mach II) lying around (the boat itself was long gone) so with some modification we rigged it up with that! It's definitely about half the sail area it's supposed to have, but the Fish is so broad that it barely heels at all, and can still pick up some decent speed. Makes for a great cruiser, especially with those nice wide seats! I'm excited to take her up to the lake next week.