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Epic day with our lasers


Upside down?
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Sailing under that bridge would be a dream for me, but being on the other side of the country will probably remain so...


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That is awesome, how long did it take to sail that track?

I’ve sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge exactly 6 times, but all 6 times it was under power - all steam turbine - 4 times under nuclear power, 2 times old fashioned oil fired boiler steam powered.


That was quite a haul even in an Olson 30 and a J/24 back in the day. How was the weather? It was like inhaling a BBQ up in Clearlake and carried all the way down to Fresno!


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Emilio, I am new to this site. Great trip you did this week. How can I learn about future outings with Lasers. I am retired, so weekdays are great.


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Emilio, I live in San Ramon and do enjoy sailing out of Richmond YC. How do you communicate when and where you will be getting together? Michael

Emilio Castelli

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Two ways;
1- Laser district 24 mailing list laser-class-d24 Info Page . you have to sign up for this. This is the official mailing list for the district. All racing and notices come through this.
2- Richmond YC laser mailing list. Send me your email and I'll add you to this. This is just for practices out of Richmond YC; mostly old farts though...


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Thank you for the subscription link to the local district. I subscribed today. I have tried without success in the past as many links are dead ends.

Yes, please add me to the RYC Laser mailing list. I would like to get out there soon. My email is: rmichaellaw@comcast.net

Do you have Mike's contact info for the Thursday sailing at TI?

Any Laser events in the Bay Area this weekend?



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Hi Michael,

If you're interested in official racing, the Laser Norcal Championships will be held down in Santa Cruz on 9/19 by SCYC. I'm checking with our race committee to see if they are planning to hold a club race on Friday night as warm up event. We've historically done this in the past but plans changed this year when the Norcals got postponed in August.


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I am interested, so please keep me posted. Working on my calendar to fit this event in.
Michael, I confirmed with our race committee that there unfortunately will not be a Friday night race this weekend. It's too late in the season to get the racing finished before sunset. So there will only be the Norcal races held Saturday.