Eight Bells Jeff Martin

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As people will have seen from the post on the ILCA website: Eight Bells – Jeff Martin, it is with profound sadness that we report on the passing of Jeff Martin.

I don't know anyone who was more passionate about Laser than Jeff, which is evidenced by his total devotion to the class since very nearly its beginning. To say "we wouldn't be where we are today without him" should be obvious to everyone. And even as he passed the baton to Eric Faust as Executive Secretary he continued to work hard - making sure knowledge transferred to Eric, continuing to run world championships ("the best regattas I have ever attended" as said to me by an Olympic medalist), remaining passionate in advocating for Laser to World Sailing and in other venues, mentoring new race officers and class officials around the world, etc.

The next time you are having a great time sailing your Laser take a moment to remember and thank the person that did so much to make that possible.

I only hope the rest of us can continue his tradition!