Different Rudder head

Thanks for the pics, I got to tell ya, this is what I like to do, take things that were once pretty nice and now are not and make them cool again. I get an immense amount of pleasure saying, " look what I did to this mess, look how good it looks now". I'm chomping at the bit to dig into this boat but have other boats to finish up first, still I pick at it a bit, inspection ports came in today, one for the older green sunfish from the Boy Scout camp the other two for the Zuma from the same camp. Tic tock, time marches on, it's a great pastime for a retiree.
I hate when this happens, so I was in contact with Dave at the Boy Scout camp today and he said he had one Zuma left, a no show for the sale, said he wanted it gone, $150, I'm like, that's a great price but you're so far away, would you take $100, Dave " come and get it ". So, when I get there, he says you're taking all my Zuma stuff, the boat, two sails with lines, two sets of spars plus one extra top section, well okay if I have to.


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I’m glad you grabbed it, Beekeeper, so I’m no longer tempted. I saw that last Zuma listed for $150 but I’m picking up another Sunfish on Saturday and I simply don’t have the space or time for more than 10 sailboats- promised myself I’d keep it to single digits going forward. The key is to stop looking at craigslist and FB Marketplace. The bargains are out there!
Good thing I didn’t know about the extra sail and rigging- you really scored!
Little update: Reattached the original foam back in under the cockpit using great stuff pond and stone foam, came out really well I think. Just gotta attach the inspection ports (already cut the holes) and do a quick leak test and this thing'll be on the water. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice/confidence.
I put a 4in port in either side, it was the only way to reach underneath the back of the cockpit with the can of spray foam. Heads up to anyone using great stuff pond and stone, wear long sleeves and gloves and have a can of acetone ready to get it off of you and the boat
That is a serious problem getting Great Stuff or any expanding foam on skin. I narrowly missed a trip to the ER for the doctors to peel it off my fingers. Acetone helps, plus scraping, Dawn dishwashing liquid and for paint wipe called Great Wipes.
Today I scraped off three of those big patches to see what they covered, two small holes and a long crack, I opened up the holes some more put in a fiberglass backing plate then after filled the depression with thickened epoxy, I then beveled the crack out to fill with thickened epoxy. Looks a lot better than those big old patches, plus stronger.


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Nice work Beekeeper and JC! My Zuma is at the lake so I’m working on a couple of ‘Fish on the home front while I note the work you’re both doing. Dave at the boy scout camp posted one more listing- a nice Seitech dolly with the big tires for $125. I grabbed it yesterday. He assures me he’s got no other sailing gear to sell!
Ahh, that's why he didn't respond when I asked him about the dolly, early bird gets the dolly. This afternoon I am picking up a Phantom in Conn for $200.
I'm also looking at a Zuma hull in NH. this week for $100, it's a 2008 hull only but with all the extra stuff I got from Dave I think I can make another complete boat and sell the others. At a social event at my boat club last week a fellow member told me he lost a Zuma hull in a flood but still has the rudder/tiller, daggerboard and a fairly new sail I could have if I wanted them, yes sir! So, mix and match parts and keep the best one.
Beekeeper, I saw that Phantom, too! It’s 20 minutes away from me and a steal- glad you are grabbing it. I’m NOT buying any more boats until I’ve sold a few! I don’t have a hitch yet on my new to me vehicle, so that helps… though I borrowed a car on Saturday to work around that problem :)
Skipper is happy that all of those boats are getting love and care up in your neck of the woods, good job!

Beekeeper how's that green Sunfish coming along? Was that green original gelcoat?
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Yes, the gelcoat was green, took all the deck hardware off and faired all gouges with Easypoxy, sanded and two coats of primer, just need time to get her in the garage to start topcoat.
I'm okay with that, just wondering how much shipping would be, first class of course. We didn't get that Phantom yesterday, it was a bit rougher than the pictures showed, nothing I couldn't handle but have a fair amount of boat work on my plate now. Plus, today we're taking a road trip to Merrimack NH to look at a Zuma hull, who am I kidding, if we go that far we're bringing her home.
"we're taking a road trip to Merrimack NH"

Have fun and drive smart. Check fb Marketplace and CL along the way. When I came back from NC with the wooden Sunfish CHIP I made stops in SC and GA to pick up a wooden Super Sailfish and fiberglass Super Sailfish MKII.

Zsa Zsa Sweetness Chip.jpg
Neither one of us is tech savvy enough to check out those sites while on the road, thank God, heck, I was stoked when I got my phone, that I haven't used since February, to sync with my Hyundai Santa Cruz to give us directions. I should have played with that before my wife wrote out a page and a half of directions. The Zuma hull turned out to be a great find and the seller gave me a set of Sunfish spars with what looks like a class approved sail attached, I have to unwrap it today and check it out. My wife loved your trailer picture and is happy I don't have one like it.
That's a great deal on the Zuma/sunfish rig! With my Zuma project nearing completion I'm wondering if wrapping the sail around the mast to "reef" or reduce sail area is a good idea? Would that be bad for the sail? Where I live it's mostly light wind but occasionally there's a quick but windy summer storm, would be nice to be able to reduce some sail area on this thing when one of those hits and I'm single handing it.
Here's a couple of pictures of the NH Zuma, the starboard side shows the hull after a good wash and twenty minutes with my buffer the port is after the wash, no buffing. The deck and bottom of the hull are a very light gray, it's got a couple spots to address but overall, very happy with the $100 purchase. In the background is the free sail, drying after my wife washed it. JC, I'm not sure about the reefing around the mast, would you be able to with the boom attached, kinda don't think that would work, although I know very little about these boats so far except how to buy them and fix them. I'm gonna have to rig it in the yard and play with it.


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That's a pretty boat! Thanks for the pics. Yeah, it's be possible with the boom attached, just have to take the outhual off, I could put a stainless clip on the end of the outhaul to easily clip/unclip it from the sail, then wrap around the mast and re clip with the outhaul looser. I'm just not sure if that'd be bad for the sail or if it would get all bunched up due to more draft in the middle of the sail than the edges. Did the leak test today, all dry, impressive for an abused boat from the 1985. I definetly need to rig it in the yard before a test sail too, and wetsand the hull bottom because a previous owner rolled on some paint and it looks like an orange peel. Then I'll take her out on the water, except I got a sunfish regatta this weekend, so maybe next weekend she'll see the river for the first time in at least 20 years.
Here's a couple pics of the green Sunfish from the Boy Scout camp, the spars with the sail are the free ones I got when we went to NH after that Zuma hull. I sanded down the daggerboard today and started the varnish. I listed her for sale today at a pretty reasonable price.


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Here's a couple pics of the green Sunfish from the Boy Scout camp, the spars with the sail are the free ones I got when we went to NH after that Zuma hull. I sanded down the daggerboard today and started the varnish. I listed her for sale today at a pretty reasonable price.
Wow, is that hull repainted? It looks incredible! Must be a ‘72 or earlier with the old style rudder, but the rear stripe was added in ‘73. My favorite hull color. If you take the time to upgrade to the new rudder you’ll get twice as much as your asking price, but it will sell quickly at the price listed, I’m sure. I saw it listed yesterday.
Nice work, Beekeeper!
Thanks, yes painted hull, it's missing the deck plate, so the year is a mystery. It didn't have the stripes, I added them, front and back, you're right about the rudder but I don't really want to go through the extra work and expense, but let's see if it moves. I think I priced it pretty reasonable, and you can't stop looking eh, you'll end up with another boat.