Decision/Search is over !!

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So....... it has been a kiddie roller coaster in making a decision. I was set to buy a new boat .. I went on a country wide hunt for the 60th addition sail. Found one. Thought I was set to go.. took a last look on line before I made the plunge ... angels all around.

I found not only the 60th edition sail, but the entire boat with a dolly!!! It is a 2014! (not made in China) I almost fell off my chair, literally. Mint condition, only used two times and stored.

The very best part of this I found out after the fact it was a non profit organization and the boat was donated to them, got the info /papers etc from the original owner. It happened to be one of my favorite organizations who I have been donating for many years... wildlife.

I will say this is beyond amazing. If feels so good that my purchase went to something I greatly feel about and important, what a ride this will be!!

Thanks to everyone who reached out and helped me more than you know.

With gratitude