Boat Pics

Similar boat to my 1977 Mariner , which I got for free! (Had to return the trailer). :(

Now swap the O'Day for a Sunfish (or two).

Parts are cheaper. ;)
Mariner?!? Yeah I got one of those too!!
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Do you plan to sail the mariner?
Or part it out?
Since acquiring the Mariner, I've learned what a strongly-built, able, and popular sailboat it is. A 2+2 Mariner designed by a genius! :)

But for the original [Lightning] sails, centerboard, and gold-anodized boom, it's mostly parted-out. (Previous owner frustrated at getting it properly registered). :confused:

It's now a back-yard, air-conditioned, heated, "guest house" with refrigerator and microwave. :eek:
Well that’s better then the landfill, and beats sleeping on the couch. I got an eye out for a bow rail.

I really see the allure of the mariner even though I haven’t sailed her yet.
The captain and 1st mate are anxious to go boat camping. So as time permits this lowly deckhand will be getting her ready for such excursions.
I doubt the Admiral will be spending nights on the mariner but she’ll be charting courses for sandy beaches across the great South Bay and trips to Fire Island I’ve been told.
Just thought I’d share what I slapped together in a couple hours with what I had left after a liquidation sale. Got caught up in a selling frenzy and when all was said and done I didn’t have a sailable sunfish!!!
A quick finish up on a patch and few coats of rustoleum. I made due with some cheap 1/4” line for the halyard and mainsheet. Sure made me appreciate the “good stuff”.
1) I see some sharp edges that need some duct tape! :eek:

2) Replaced the cockpit trim--I did too, and used glue + rivets. Amazing how the aluminum rivets shear, and leave the fiberglass hole untouched. ;)

3) Good example of the "Geezer Rig". :)

4) if the boom won't raise because the gooseneck jams on the mast, adjust the gooseneck so it tilts slightly upwards. (Not downwards).
I think it looks good! The pool noodle piece over tiller is a quick clever way to keep it raised off the deck. And most importantly, you got out there!
I’ve got a few rivets if you need them for the cockpit trim. I couldn’t find them locally (1/8" Diameter x 3/16" Grip)
My pop-rivets are holding, @ 1/8" diameter x 1/8". I think Signal Charlie was using up to 1/8" diameter x 1/4" grip. ("In places", but I don't know where). :oops: Scorpion sailboat

My local hardware store was selling them one at a time--out of the box! (At the time,, I only needed four). When my Sunfish fleet grew to six, I broke out the wallet, and bought a box of 20.
Bot trailer pic. Adding recessed tiedowns to our 5x10 Carry On trailer. We'll use 2 straps to secure the dolly axle on either side, then 2-3 straps to secure the boat.

Most recent boat pic, as requested. I became a Sunfish owner 48 hours ago, having driven all day to collect this Minifish because it seems to be the only planing boat I can carry in the back of my PT Cruiser the way I do my sailing canoe and kayak and Nelson sailing dinghy. I took this picture in the driveway when I got home.

Canoe, kayak and dinghy transport, for comparison:
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"Me and my gut..." Love it! And I know where you're coming from! Looks to me that you could slide you and your gut a little bit forward to better trim your boat...

The Sunfish is my first dinghy, and I've only been able to take it about about 6 times in as many months. I've learned quite a lot already though, and it's improving my keelboat driving skills by a ton!
Happy new year!!!
Thread revival,
True survivor garage find, PO claimed it hadn’t been sailed for a couple decades. It was hanging in the rafters when I first seen it. I’ve never seen a hull so smooth and clean. Deck shows he wasn’t lying about the time spent hanging in the garage. To cold to clean today, I’ll try to clean her up a bit this week.
Wow, what a SCORE! That gorgeous De Persia bailer, the perfect rudder and hull, and the bonus vintage advertising is so cool!
This fish is by far in the best condition of any I had the pleasure of owning. I have a feeling I’ll be holding on to this one for a while. Might even name her.
The PO was the original owner, and was glad to know I’d be sailing her with the kids. He gave it to me for a song and the promise of a picture of the kids enjoying the boat this summer.
Was cool to see the list price in the literature.
After 49 years of depreciation I paid a bit below that ;)