Best small sailboat to teach very young child?

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We live on an enclosed lake that's always pretty calm (though we do need to get under a power line with the mast to get out to the lake... we're the second lot off the lake in a canal). What's the best boat for some easy lake sailing to teach a very young child to sail. We'd need something that accommodates one parent and the child I'm assuming... Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 1.15.38 PM.png
Laser pico
I may bias after learning to sail in one and loving it but they are great boats. Not to mention not to costly second hand and virtually indestructible. A buddy of mine dropped his off a trailer and it skipped down the road and was ready to sail after nothing more than a good sanding


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Optimist. The most-used boat in the world for learning kids how to sail. Simple indestructible hull (well, the type they use on sailing schools). Simple sails etc. Easy to handle. When toppled over, it's easy to climb back in and sail on. One downside: use a small RIB with an outboard to teach/coach the kids.

The seaworthiness of those optimists is second to none. Kids all over Europe from the Mediterranian, up to the Fjords in Norway learn to sail in these boats.
Optimist is the right boat for the child to learn to sail by themselves... I wouldn't want to be a parent riding along in one with them, though.
The Laser Pico is a good next phase, after they have learned the basics and want something a bit more challenging and fun.

If you want to teach them while you sail with them, a Sunfish is a simple boat that easily fits a child and parent (I do it all the time w/ my kids).