Aussie Laser Sailors

Is anyone here going to compete at the NSW state champs at Port Stephens on the 7-8th of March ?
I'm wondering whether to go to it. Just not sure how hard it is. Oh I won't win, just for fun and I could well be last, a bit embarassing lol Will it be just full of very good sailors or will there be some hacks ?
Also will my old sail number 165818 make me look 'poor' ?
Hey Alysum - I'd say go for it. Sure there will be all the top guys there, but the state fleets normally have good depth, and people still learning to sail in reggatas. You will no doubt learn a lot. Great waterway to sail on too.
I agree with Rock Steady - get out there! Big regattas are always fun, and Port Stephens is a great place to sail.

There will be very good sailors, there will be hacks, and there will be everything in between, which means it would be a great learning experience. Who knows, you might end up on the start line right next to the best Laser sailor in the world - how cool is that?

There will be lots of new boats there, but there will be a lot of boats older than 165xxx too. The boats around that era were consistently good and worth hanging on to so don't worry about that.

I'd love to be there myself, but another trip down from Brisbane so soon after Terrigal might be hard to manage. Oh well.
GDay all,
I am a newbie to Laser sailing, used to sail a Manly Junior when I was a kid. I own a older boat sail number 153132 and have been sailing off Clontarf in middle harbour and having a great time and sometimes a wet time. I went to Plam Beach on Saturday and saw a fleet out sailing which by looks , put there boats in at the boat ramp behind the Barrenjoey headland, does anyone know what club this is.
I also went up to Terrigal on Sunday, though the race was almost as far as the tankers which and anchored off the coast it was great to check out the areana and the racers as they came to shore.

I think it would have been a group of sailors training for the worlds, rather than a club.I think the Lasers sail with the combined RPA/ASC/BYRA fleet further south.

I don't live there any more so this is only a guess.
Hi all,

Just new to sailing (6mths) and am looking at the Laser. Have done a basic course in the corsair and just completed an introduction to racing in a spiral but i am a bit large for it !

I bought an old (1980) Fireball to fix up and continue learning and it has been great fun but am finding it more and more difficult to rely on others to go out on the water..........

I have joined the forum to gain as much knowledge as i can so that i can be more educated prior to purchasing anything as well as getting all the inside tips for becoming a better sailor !!!

This is a great forum - your knowledge is very helpful:)


Canberra ACT
I got some more information about the NSW state champs from the NSW laser association:

All comers are welcome, as long as you are comfortable sailing a race.
This is also an excellent opportunity to get some experience in starting
and sailing in larger fleets.
The format allows for up to 3 races to be sailed a day (so we can get a
Start time on Saturday is usually about 1 or 1.30 pm (I haven't seen the
sailing instructions) and about 10 or 10.30 on Sunday, with the last
race not starting after 3.30 pm.
Launching at Port Stephens is off the beach.
I think I might go :) but first I have to see where I can stay overnight, I imagine it will be pretty booked out...
I reckon that sounds like a great race event , do you have the dates, I am keen to start racing but being a first timer not sure what to enter. Are you in a club or do you have to be to race in this event.
I was down at middle aharbour the other day and noticed all these tents up araound the MHAYC must be cheap accomdation for the masters(he he)

March 2008

NSW State Laser Championships
Dates: 8/9 March 2008
Venue: Port Stephens Sailing & Aquatic Club - Confirmed
Note: Major prizes enter the draw to win a new sail. More Entry Form: Regatta entry On-line credit card entry: Here (closing date for on-line entry Thurs 6 March 08)
You must be an association member to sail in association events - membership form

Hey Mal - I'd say there is still heaps of camping in the caravan parks around "
Soldiers Point" available.
Hey Maljam

Wheres Carcoar Dam ?????

I have been told about sailing at Keepit cool sailing regatta at Keepit Dam so we are going to do that for something differen to do for the winter season.

What do you blokes do out there? Would it worth bring out some of our boys for a race? Deepending on where you are that is.

Hiya. Carcoar Dam is half-way between Bathurst and Cowra, in NSW's Central West. About 3 1/2 - 4 hours west of Sydney.

Yeah... if you wanna experience rural inland lake sailing mid-winter, give Keepit Kool Regatta a try! I didn't go last year myself, as it was snowing!

you'd be more than welcome to come out for a sail at Carcoar anytime... except, at the moment - we've no water! The drought, you know... so yeah, we done hardly any sailing there at all this season, unfortunately. We haven't had a regatta out there for about 4 years (?), simply because of the low water levels.

Here's our sailing Club webpage that'll fill you in.
Hey guys
Nsw Inland sailors rule. We take on the most variable flukey conditions in the world.
Wallerawang is great and Southern Highlands (fitzroy falls) is my home club

hey chris, hopefully i'll come to the regatta again next year, was a great weekend.