Aussie Laser Sailors


laser2_9804 said:
Well, I'm soon to be an aussie non-laser sailor as I have advertised my boat for sale.

I'll still be around in the sailing circles, just in a different class of boat (as soon as my elbow gets better that is *rolls eyes at stupid repeated stress injury*).
That's a shame. So you have Laser 2 elbow? What motion caused the injury? Last summer I had pain in my wrists and it seems to have gone away this year. The little muscles would get all knotted up and I could relieve the pain by pressing on the knots. Are you sure you don't have something like this? Maybe just taking a break would relieve it, like I did in the winter, and you could go back to it.
Yes, it is tennis elbow. That's not the reason I'm selling my boat, I've just moved onto sailing 125's. Anyway, hopefully my arm will be better soon because the sailing season starts in September.
New season starting up dudes. What regattas are you doing? Post them here.

I'm heading down to Sydney Harbour for the Double Bay Anniversary Regatta this weekend. I'll probably also do the NSW State Masters (my first!) and Open NSW States in Canberra.
Hey I'm a Sydneysider :D

Where do you Sydneysiders go sailing ?

I plan to do most in the Iron cove and around cockatoo island...

Anyone done any at Pittwarer ? Any good or too windy ?
There are some good clubs near Iron Cove; Hunters Hill is probably the pick. West of the bridge there is a limited amount of room and it is very land locked. Flat water and very shifty. East of the Harbour Bridge is a different kettle of fish; waves, open water, settled sea breeze, but a lot of traffic. There are excellent laser fleets at Vaulcluse (75th anniversary this year) , Double Bay (Now easily accesible through cross city tunnel), and Middle Harbour. You can see the websites for all these clubs via the magic of google.
[hope this aint a double post!]
I'm new to sailing Lasers - Santa bought me an old but reliable one for Xmas (tho I've been sailing on and off for 20 years). Previously I've been sailing a Solo out of Carcoar Dam Sailing Club in the Central West of NSW, Australia. In my teenage years I sailed Flying 11s and 16-foot skiffs.
I was planning to join the Dobroyd Aquatic Club at Rodd point, great place to sail. But they race on saturdays and I play cricket on saturdays.... I see that Woolahra sails races on sundays and they have a HUGE laser fleet but then again it's more windy, choppy, more traffic...tough decision !


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[hmmm... strange... I made a post on this thread yesterday, yet today it's gone! :confused: ]

I'm only new to sailing Lasers... santa dropped a good old second-hand one off under my Xmas Tree this Xmas for moi... normally I've been sailing a Solo out of Carcoar Dam in the Central West of NSW.

It'll take a little bit of getting used to... tis like jumping from a car with a manual transmission into an automatic! heh heh.
Yeah there is something wierd happenning with the posts in this thread??

Welcome to Laser sailing Maljam. Great to see another Central West sailor on here. I sail just about every week on Lake Wallace (Wallerawang Sailing Club) - we normally get 4 or 5 Lasers out. I also try and get to a few Laser Class regatta's each year as well.

I hope your getting all this rain out west too. Should fill a few dams up!

PM me if you want any more info.


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Thanx for the welcome. I think I've actually met you at the W'ang Regatta back in November anyways. I was sailing the leaky Solo! heh heh I'm planning on attending a few sails casually at W'ang before the seasons' out, plus a few weekends up at Windamere too. I might see you at the Oberon regatta in 2 weeks as well.
Thanx again. See you out on the water somewhere :)
G'day aussie sailors,

For those in Sydney I have a good strong dolly for I'm getting a new one which locks onto a trailer.

I also have a backup full rig sail for sale (163xxx something) or I'm happy to exchange it with a Radial sail. (I would also need a radia lower mast if anyone has one).

Anyone interested in either please email me at

Cheers ;)
hey sydneysiders,

I'm keen to sail at some new places where the water is not too choppy so when I was exploring the greater Sydney map I saw the Narrabeen lakes. Can you sail there ? Is there a good place to moor the boat ?

What's it like doing it off Palm beach too in Pittwater ? It always looks flat the water but I imagine it must in fact be choppy ?

Hey Alysum. I sailed last weekend with Dobroyd Aquatic Club. It is the most western syd harbour club. A 15 - 20 kt NE still channelled through beautifully and the water remained relatively flat.

If you want really flat water come up to my club (see sig) and try sailing on an inland lake. I often get conditions when I can catch a 25kt gust downwind in waves no bigger than a few centremetres - no thats sm :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: th.

BTW - Anyone here doing the States in Canberra this weekend?