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I stopped posting in the Iraq thread, because in my opinion it got out of hand. Lets try and prevent that here.

What do you guys think about Americanisation? I hate it being the Canadian nationalist I am. What do you Americans think about it? Any French ppl here probably agree with me. BEN OUI!



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Americanisation is when American culture destroys another culture or gains ground on another culture in a country other than the US.


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Goonie - Shut the f**k up and sit the f**k down. NO one here needs your trolling. And you call yourself a moderator. This place is getting to be a waste of bandwidth.
Spot we don't need that intent of language usage. you may have a valid point but we just got the constitution up and running and this is not what we need here. As for goonie, I mean come on man. In the Constitution it says you should not direct a dirogatory comment to a single person or a group of people (Americans), so please try your best to make this work.


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Ok first off, how is this dirogatory? Support your ideas with examples.

Second, spot you dont have to participate. I was wondering what other people thought and I dont need you to get all angry. ITs in General Dis/ chit chat for a reason. You dont want to participate, FINE! DONT!

Saying I dislike Americanisation has nothing to do with my opinions of Americans. My dad is American. I have American aunts and oncles. American cousins. I spend a month of each year in NY state at camp and I LOVE THE PEOPLE THERE!
what i mean, goonie, is that was your topic one that made anyone else feel better? so just think about that next time and stop bringing up topics that make people feel like they must get deffensive. spot had a good point and you just keep antagonizing.


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"what i mean, goonie, is that was your topic one that made anyone else feel better? "

This doesn't make sense. :/.

Why do you have to get deffensive? The only reason I am deffensive is because you attacked me. I am just asking peoples opinions that will shape our future. If you feel that you cant even talk about your personal opinions with friends, then there is something wrong.

Spot, if you knew anything about bandwith, youd realize that my post, is taking up very little of it. What is a real shame, is we just had the constitution unveiled, and here you are attacking me personally. I dont like it!
goonie, im not attacking you. its just that threads such as these may make some people fell uncomfortable. im not posting my opinion im just trying to get you and spot to compromise.
look goonie, im not mad at you. i like you. but lets just try to make everything work without bringing up contoversial topics. im certantly not attcking you, i just want you to see this point to make everyone on good terms.
Goonie, i think you mispelled "Americanization"
Here is what says

v. A·mer·i·can·ized, A·mer·i·can·iz·ing, A·mer·i·can·iz·es
v. tr.
To make American in form, style, or character.
To absorb or assimilate into American culture.
To bring under American influence or control.

v. intr.
To become American, as in spirit. :p :D


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LOL. No, you are not. But since I am in French Immersion I tend to mix up the spelling of similar words.