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I found a crack in the back upper deck... right in the drainage groove.....Pretty much where you would sit. Lets water inside the boat. Any suggestion on the fix? Mike
This crack is in aluminum? I'd drill a -inch hole at each end of the fracture, cover it temporarily with tape, and check if it "creeps" after your next sail.

My guess is that this is a indication of serious hull deformation: an expensive professional "weld" would only be temporary. Expect the crack to open up again. If it doesn't, you're probably good for a time. But we have a real expert here on this type of damage: send a private message
(AKA, "conversation") to member "Roller".

I suspect it was caused by hitting a big wave, especially as the crack is directly under the helmsman. A too-highly sprung trailer mismatch (like a Jet-Ski trailer) could also be at fault. Aluminum doesn't take well to bending. :(

As for a sales price, "you never know". The newness of the trailer could bump it $100. I'd put a $800 price tag on both, and take what you're comfortable with. If you want to switch to a Sunfish, I can tell you how to get two complete 70's Sunfish for $600 (or less). My last purchase sounded good over the phone. Sixty miles away, he asked me for $50 to trailer it to my house! A nice Sunfish for $300! It needs two pop-rivets—that's all. :)


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Well, if there is minimal or a favorable current and no motorboat traffic, you are good to go! How many people face this issue? In the case a very low bridge wouldn’t dropping the sail and mast if needed and paddling be safer and faster?
Apparently, those who sail on the Mystic River:
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