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If you scroll down here to the post by l and Cw, you will see the boat has a Gunter rig, somewhat like a gaff. Either you are missing the Gunter pole or have not hoisted what you have properly. Sailrite makes mention of the s12 Gunter rig on thei site too. Good luck.
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Went sailing for the first time. Tipped her over once and tangled with a few fishermen. I mean their lines. I have a small crack in the deck that lets water fill the inside of the boat.. about sank her a few times, Was thinking of just fiberglassing the spot butt it is right were you sit. Might I have to cut and reinforce That spot. Any thoughts on that repair? It is a slow leak but pulling her up on shore to drain her is a chore due to weight. Also my wife liked sailing and want me to upgrade. Wat is a boat like this worth?
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Was thinking that the vintage made it worth more than that. I will sail this boat for a while. Seems to be worth more to me … A few others on the lake thought this boat was really awesome. Had lots of fun. Found out 2 things, 1. I am not very good at it, 2, my daughter had a nack for it. So much fun. Problem is not very comfortable.