Alternative Mast Flotation device question


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For those guys who have used milk or water gallons/jugs for mast flotation, how did it do with preventing turtling after capsizing?
I was wondering how my fully inflated mooring bumpers would do for this purpose if attached to tip of mast.
Any thoughts guys?



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Just tried my mast float shown above. Works great.
I have never sailed in strong winds thus hav not capsized before. I am so impressed with how much it took for me to tip the boat. I weigh 160 lbs only but was able to easily right the boat with just hanging on the centerboard. Will post the video soon.
The only thing I can say about the idea of having bumpers aloft is every ounce of weight up at the mast head equals many pounds taken away of stability acting like a fulcrum. Try using light weight styrofoam.
I haven't tried it yet but I have an inflatable Kayak Float Bag that I plan to attach to the top of the main. Lightweight and can be folded when not in use. Will report back when I get the chance to test it. Volume is about 15L.

I've got the Baby Bob up there. Had a nice custom bracket made which inserts into the mast with a small wing nutted through bolt to hold secure. Very easy to mount, so on a given day I can use or leave it off. It does add some fulcrum effect and looks a bit different but it's a secure feeling to know I can't turtle. Here's some pics.....