Active laser fleets in Devon UK?

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I'm likely to be moving to Devon (from Canada) in October for a year, and was wondering where the most active Laser fleets sail out of?

I'll be based in the Torbay area and am familiar with the Paignton sailing club, but I'm looking for somewhere with a bigger fleet, that preferably stays active through the winter.

Any recommendations?
Thanks a lot.
Sorry can't really help. Would have thought Paignton would be the best bet, what with them having just hosted the Nationals and the Club Sailor Championships I'd have thought their laser sailors would be very motivated to keep sailing. I'm sure someone more local to the area will be on soon though.
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Thanks for the reply.

I really like Paignton Sailing Club -fantastic friendly people and a great venue, but from what I have seen there are only a few lasers racing handicap against Albacores, Laser 2000's etc on the regular summer weeknight races.

I'm hoping to find a fleet of 10+ Lasers that race 'one design' regualrily, and keep it going through the winter. Hopefully my expectations aren't out of line, but if they are, I'll take what I can get.
Between January and March Royal Western Yacht Club at Plymouth have races every Sunday that get up to 50 lasers racing with varying talents. These races are growing in popularity.


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I believe there is a pretty active fleet at Starcross (only 45 mins according to a quick route check from Paignton) that sail all year round. It depends on how far you want to travel really. There are loads of clubs along the south cost. Try using the club finder on Yachts and Yachting, you can search by county. it may throw you a few viable options. Failing that when you make it over here have a wander round the local clubs and see what is actually happening at then (some clubs claim active/large fleets but the reality is sometimes quite different).

Above all good luck and enjoy your winter sailing!
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Perfect, thanks very much for the suggestions. I'll be sure to check them out.

Where do you look for good used boats in the UK? The don't seem to be advertised often on here.