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1974 Vanguard restoration


I have a 1974 Vanguard 470 that i have been sailing for a few years in Lake Ontario NY, but im looking to do some restoration on it. it is missing several boots pulleys and other odds and ends that previous owners switched out. so there are a few things i need to know

1. is there any official rigging diagrams that i can use to check my rigging and see how cables are run (best one i could find was in German and not very descriptive)?
2. are there any good websites i can go to to get stuff like pulleys, spinnaker poll, etc?
3. does anyone know of any 470 regattas, fleets, or clubs in NY that i may be able to go to for some help with this aswell?

i do have some photos of the boat but it is in a bit rough shape, none really showing the inside. it was "restored" once when the hull got a hole in it and the sailing club that owned it in the 90's didn't do it any justice. it was left outside uncovered for about 22 years without touching the water.
any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated


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Some quick answers:
1. The layout of the 470 is fairly free, and there is no one ”official” (or even ”default”) setup. I think I know what German diagrams you mean, and those systems are really unnecessary complicated (and expensive) for a 1974 restoration.
2. For that I can recommend Fogh Marine across your lake.
3. I believe there’s some activity on Long Island, but of course that won’t help you much. However, there are two 70s boat owners in your area who are on this forum, Pierson and Ryan (US 1214) whom you might want to contact.

Clean your boat, rig it like you’d go sailing, take lots of pictures, post them here, and we’ll go on from there.



ill be at the lake tomorrow so ill grab some then. and thank you very much, i will attempt to get in contact with them! these are 2 old pics of the boat though i have handy just to share :)


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Hi Even

I struggled with the same thing trying to work out how how to rig up an old 470. LaLi helped me out a lot and I also studied the photos and diagrams I collected off the internet. Some of them look hideously complicated but maybe they might help?
And from Sailing Forums (LaLi helped with many of these):

Good luck!