1. J

    "Singles Cruise" - My sunfish repair/restoration project.

    Hey all! I am fairly new to everything sailing, but I figured I would share my project sunfish. I am learning as I go, so all suggestions, critique, and advice is welcome! Two summers ago I tool a summer sailing class at a local county community lake and had a blast. Then a few months later...
  2. E

    1974 Vanguard restoration

    I have a 1974 Vanguard 470 that i have been sailing for a few years in Lake Ontario NY, but im looking to do some restoration on it. it is missing several boots pulleys and other odds and ends that previous owners switched out. so there are a few things i need to know 1. is there any official...
  3. Clark_Lake

    1965 Sunfish Restoration

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and thought I'd share some pics of my "quar-project"...restoring my grandma's old Sunfish. My parents took it out a few years ago so I know it floats, and other than that it's been in a garage or basement the past 25+ years. I think most of the parts are original, but...
  4. J

    CONNECTICUT Older Sunfish hull, cast hardware, for parts or restoration

    Hull in poor condition, waterlogged but floats. Cast (not stamped) fittings for rudder/tiller, rudder/tiller in poor but usable condition, dagger board similar. Metal mast and makeshift spars. Located in Bethlehem CT. Preparing for move, this boat will unfortunately have to go by springtime...
  5. C

    New Project Questions

    I'm new to Sunfish and sailing in general. I just bought an old Sunfish last night. She doesn't have a HIN but a serial number instead. According to Timeline.pdf I think she was manufactured in 1966 and is among the last to have a halyard block. It...