1. L

    Day Cruising and Laser Beaching

    Hi there a few times a year a couple of us go off on an extended day sail in the Clyde here in Glasgow with our Laser 1s. Beaching the boats for a lunch break is a bit of a bind and scratches to the gel coat are becoming an issue. We've thought about maybe a inflatable roller, or perhaps a...
  2. K

    2007 sunfish with trailer

    OBO For sale great condition will post pics or send if there is interest Vanguard Venture Bunk Trailer 700lbs limit Foil bag Cover
  3. R

    Sunfish Trailer Needed!

    Our son (10 years old) has been saving money for the past 6 months to buy a trailer for a Sunfish we bought in Michigan. We live in the DC area and wanted to find a used trailer so that we could go up to Michigan to pick it up. We are looking for something sturdy enough to endure the 26 hours...
  4. J

    Need a mast, sail and trailer for sunfish

    I have an old wooden sunfish that needs a mast and a sail, i'm in Richmond VA. I will have to get out in the snow and check the diameter of the mast i need I also need a trailer or suggestions on building one or what is the best type to get i'm very new to all this thanks
  5. M

    Two Boat and Three Boat Laser Trailers for Sale

    1) Three boat galvanized Laser Trailer made by Sailtrailers in Macon GA. Their website is: Price is $2,250 on this trailer. A new one is over $3,000, plus tax and shipping. 2" hitch, 4-way flat electrical connection. 2) Two Boat Galvanized Venture Trailer with a Seitech two...
  6. Jamey Fisher

    Project or parts Boat: J-24 #117

    Contact: Jamey Fisher at Willing to sell the whole boats or major components first, then trailer and secondary parts. I am the second owner and have owned it since 1984. The boat has always been dry sailed off the trailer. The boat has always been sailed in fresh...