Day Cruising and Laser Beaching

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Hi there

a few times a year a couple of us go off on an extended day sail in the Clyde here in Glasgow with our Laser 1s.

Beaching the boats for a lunch break is a bit of a bind and scratches to the gel coat are becoming an issue.

We've thought about maybe a inflatable roller, or perhaps a super-lightweight dolly but nothing seems practical from a transport/usability point of view.

Do any of you have any good ideas ?




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Just "thinking aloud" -- no experience to share...

I wonder if a "pool noodle" or 2 or 3 (as they're called here in the USA) would do it - a cylinder of closed cell foam.
Or maybe a couple pieces of PVC pipe, maybe 8-10 cm diameter, maybe 50-75 cm long.
Or maybe a couple pieces of lumber, of a similar size.

I'd imagine you cut them so they fit in the footwell. They'd bounce around, but presumably settle out of the way somewhere.