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Organizing Daytrips for Trailer-Sailors


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While not a daytripper myself, the following was copied from the Mariner website. (Author: "Will").

An important map (by region) didn't copy, so I'll try later. Trailered Sunfish owners might want to chime in:

"Happy New 2021. May the new year see all of you on the water more and may you all get your vaccinations.

"I would like to start collecting sailing trips for this program. I have contacted the geocaching.com about my thoughts and they have gotten back to me with an offer to telephone. I haven't had a chance to get together with our president to coordinate yet. The Holidays are always a busy time.

"I think the thing to do is decide what this program will look like. We should start slowly and work one piece at a time. I'm thinking, we need to determine how the lists will be divided up. I propose the map, as I posted earlier, but with the Carolinas included in the Atlantic Coast, dropping the 'Mid-' from the name.

"Next, we need to decide on the criteria for inclusion in the established trips. I've given my thoughts on 20 miles, but for inland sailing, that may be too ambitious. I'm thinking the trips should be doable in a day, but lend themselves well to overnight camping aboard.

"The reward system and criteria also needs to be defined. We could do a few geocache trips among the larger list or make them a separate program or drop that idea all together.

"I spend time on sailboatowners.com, they are a great community. I plan to be asking for input from them too, if we want to take this into the larger sailing community. This is meant to be a MCA program though.

"Please weigh in. We can start a new thread for collecting the trips themselves. Perhaps start by region.

"Thank you all for your help."

Comment: Some hulls in the Mariner family have four protected berths (as well as three possible cockpit berths), so an "overnight" for Sunfish owners isn't out of the question.