1. ROB12345987373828282728

    Laser repair question

    I’m looking at this laser to buy. It has a mast step repair/deck repair and I’m not familiar with repairs like this. Is this a good quality repair?
  2. Delphine

    Celestial/Coastal Navigation certification resource

    Great resources for class/home study and supporting Powerpoint presentations!
  3. J

    For Sale  5000 2011 Ziegelmayer 470

    Selling 2011 Ziegelmayer 470 great condition. Race ready. Dry hull. Needs newer sails to race competitively. 4-5 sets of used sails some in decent condition. 1 Super Spar mast ready to sail. 1 spare mast for lighter crews. 1 Selden boom. Spinnaker pole. Dolly and road trailer. Centerboard and...
  4. W

    Hiring in Oyster Bay, NY

    The WaterFront Center, located in Oyster Bay, New York, seeks talented, enthusiastic sailing instructors and coaches to teach various programs in Optimists, Hobie Waves, Hobie Getaways, Club 420s, and Sonars. The positions include, but are not limited to: - C420 Race Team Coach - Junior...
  5. cbioo

    NEW YORK 2004 Laser with trailer

    2004 Vanguard Laser (#182788) in great condition and super fun to sail. This is a turn-key package with everything you need to get sailing. Hull is bone dry, always cleaned and garaged year-round. Hull, daggerboard and ruder have minor wear shown in the pictures. Included is a Seitech dolly with...
  6. K

    58 Mile Trip

    Hello all, This is my first post on this forum (Hopefully I'm posting this in the correct section). I have been tossing the idea around of doing a long trip in my 1981 AMF sunfish, I have recently restored her back to her former glory and am happy to say that she is as dry as can be (with the...
  7. weatherman.pro12

    Help? Ideal conditions & performance optimization

    I'm curious how much weather optimization plays a role in performance. Guessing I'm not the only one obsessively checking the weather before heading out! What do your ideal conditions look like? I'm still trying to figure mine out. I started working on an idea to link sailing & weather insight...
  8. I

    Passage Planning

    Hey All, As a professional sailor I have found there is minimal support for passage planning so, I have developed a small business offering exactly that. Below is an overview.... My Passage Plan is a support tool developed to equip sailors with essential preparations and planning for their...
  9. C

    Vanguard 470 Parts

    I salvaged all the hardware I could on a Vanguard 470 and I would like to sell it all at once. I'm asking $250 + shipping but will take the best offer for the full lot as I want to get rid of it all - but I am willing to be flexible as I imagine some of this stuff is hard to find/replace. Hope...
  10. M

    Sold For Asking Price 2005 Laser For Sale

    2005 Laser 183741 with Dolly and Trailer All upgrades 3 Sails Fast Canvas Top Cover, Bottom Cover and Blade Bag Fatso Carbon Tiller Lots of accessories More Photos Available on request Owner willing to help with delivery
  11. D

    A great pub to sail to

  12. L

    Sailing Around New Zealand

    HI everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself, and my boyfriend, Robert: we're two crazy young sailors that have actually came to New Zealand and bought a boat - a small trailer sailer. Our plan is to take it around North Island! We are currently staying in Wellington and are not sure of how...
  13. mhans

    Sebago Canoe Club sailing class

    We featured the annual Sebago Canoe Club of Brooklyn sailing class in our video series. Such a joy introducing people to sailing with this seasoned and special boat.
  14. JonThomas

    Who Runs/ Owns the forum?

    Hi, I was wondering who owns/ runs this forum. I work with a website designer and we'd be interested in creating better mobile capatability and an app which I think everyone here would appreciate. Thanks, -JT
  15. S

    Survey - Help us to improve sailing conditions, essential service, etc

    Sailing and Boating Enthusiasts, help us to improve your sailing experience and needs and change the future of sailing and boating. (We need only 120 Seconds of your time) Help us to shape the future of sailing and boating, improve marinas, provide a better sailing experience, support clean...
  16. Mockssr

    2535 Shockwave

    Shockwave 2535 is a fast race boat I have been racing for a little over a year. I bought the boat last year for $6500 and put a lot more money into it. I then had professionals rebuilt the whole deck and seal the rear lazzertes as well as open up rear bulkheads like the newer race boats. I then...
  17. J

    Laser Go Pro /Action Camera Mount

    I am a Laser Sailor in Marina Del Rey California. My friend Tucker and I are currently developing a mount for any action camera. So far we have been successful. We would like to see if other laser sailors are interested in the mount. Could you post on your blog to see if anyone would be...
  18. S

    Laser radial race ready

    selling my laser that I raced in Florida for 2 years. The boat comes with every thing you need to race other then a road trailer. 1 used radial race sail and one intensity practice sail. Battens, Cunningham, adjustable outhaul, new vang system, daggerboard and Ruder, carbon fiber tiller...
  19. Amy Slot

    New Sailing App

    Hi my name is Amy and I am the developer of an app called "Sail-Air". Initially it was only meant to help sailors to get from one location to another route point with the actual wind direction and the most optimal cruising way but then I thought it might be good for organizing races with...
  20. TT ZZ

    Wi, Mn, Mi, Il, and Oh Laser wanted

    Wanted one Laser sailboat. Will travel to pick up even in border states including Ohio. Cash for the right boat. Please E-mail or message me photos, cost, contact details and city + state the boat is located in to TZ234 at gmx . com. Hull needs to be dry. I am located in Forest County which is...