Sailing Around New Zealand

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HI everyone!

Just wanted to introduce myself, and my boyfriend, Robert: we're two crazy young sailors that have actually came to New Zealand and bought a boat - a small trailer sailer. Our plan is to take it around North Island!
We are currently staying in Wellington and are not sure of how good of an idea it is to start our trip from here.. it's crazy windy and the cook straight could be a challenge.

So, we would appreciate advice or suggestions from experienced sailors out there of where to start our adventure?


Hi Laura,
For a boat of that size trailer-sailor is the way to go. NZ can be very unforgiving so driving closer to your destination is your safest move. I don't know how competent you guys are so I would recommend the day skipper course from coastguard. Do it online it is great and cheap. Give us a text if you are coming to the Bay of Island I got some insider information. Cheers Josh