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Hey guys. I just wanted to know how I go about sailing laser in regattas that count tword the laser standings of the US sailing standings. I have sailed in US sailing for 6 years but how do I go about sailing for them now that I am not a youth. I live in the north east and I am part of laser district 7. I plan on attending regattas for them but they don't count tword US sailing. So how do I go to events that count for US sailing? Now that im not a youth.


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Not sure what you mean by "count towards US Sailing". I think what you want is the Grand Prix, the nation-wide ranking of Laser sailors over a series of events. That is run by the class, not US Sailing. Check this out.

2016 Grand Prix Rules

Here is a quick schedule of the Grand Prix regattas:

Regatta Grid 2016

One of your local district regattas should be designated the "Grand Prix" regatta, with point from it counting towards the national championship. To get more points, you will have to travel to other regattas on the matrix. And though I keep saying "national-level", it covers both the US and our friends in Canada. Maybe Mexico too in the near future.