1. Mockssr

    Expired  2535 Shockwave

    Shockwave 2535 is a fast race boat I have been racing for a little over a year. I bought the boat last year for $6500 and put a lot more money into it. I then had professionals rebuilt the whole deck and seal the rear lazzertes as well as open up rear bulkheads like the newer race boats. I then...
  2. SmprFidels

    Mid 70s Sunfish and racing parts

    Please see add here. $1400 Sunfish Sailboat Nauty Heeler Ready to sail aprox. 1975
  3. M

    Laser Radial #196265

    White hull in excellent condition; Sailed 1½ junior seasons then garage stored (1 owner); Radial rig; Rolled radial racing sail (very little use) in Colie sailtube bag; Practice sail for in-season training; Latest Mojo rigging upgrades by Colie; Carbon fiber tiller; Upgraded main sheet block...
  4. Wavedancer

    Sunfish Nationals

    At the Lewis Yacht Club, Lewis DE. Getting ready for the practice race this afternoon, but the winds are very light.
  5. Amy Slot

    New Sailing App

    Hi my name is Amy and I am the developer of an app called "Sail-Air". Initially it was only meant to help sailors to get from one location to another route point with the actual wind direction and the most optimal cruising way but then I thought it might be good for organizing races with...
  6. Jeff Gallo

    How to get into laser racing

    Hey guys. I just wanted to know how I go about sailing laser in regattas that count tword the laser standings of the US sailing standings. I have sailed in US sailing for 6 years but how do I go about sailing for them now that I am not a youth. I live in the north east and I am part of laser...
  7. Gregory Matous

    Why do racers have their sails so low?

    I was wondering why racers have their sails almost to the deck level? Is it just to reduce the heeling force, or is there something else going on? And if it is just to reduce heeling, then in light wind it would seem you could attach the halyard lower on the spar (thus raising the sail higher...