"We came for ye' booty and ye' champagne!" --s/v Nefarious


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Hello sailors
, we don’t know each other, but I’m writing to you directly because you are a sailor—specifically, sailboats. I am the author of a book I think you’ll like.

I wrote Nefarious after researching the sailing community in the PNW and I learned quickly that sailing is not a hobby; it is a way of life, inhabited by a tight-knit community woven together by lovable, quirky and sometimes edgy characters. It is a unique way of life that not many of us have access. I found myself fortunate enough to join a crew, and instantly, I was caught up in the drama. Nefarious is philosophical, brassy, and also good cheeky fun. It’s part “Caddy Shack” (sorry if that ages me!) and part “All The Light We Cannot See”. It is an imaginative and intricate novel written in short, elegant chapters that explores human nature and the contradictory power of love. It takes place at Race Week, here in the PNW. There's whiskey, marine cops, a whale, area judges, racing pros, penalty buoys and more. I REALLY don’t think this book will get to you via any other means except directly contacting the people who enjoy sailing. I hope you’ll take a quick peek at the description. (You read a preview on the kindle version, no purchase necessary.)

Thank you, and please, if you’re up for it, a review and/or sharing the news on Facebook with your sailor friends would be awesome.

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