1. SailorSkills

    Wrong Spreader Bracket?

    Hi all, We noticed a loose spreader on an older J24 we sail. With the backstay eased, the starboard spreader tip pivots freely fore and aft. See pic: I understand this is not the typical bracket, and the preferred method is the thru-bar style here: The port spreader appears to have...
  2. J

    SOLD  SOLD Mast and boom with standing rigging

    Older mast and boom. Believe they are a Kenyon make, or at least have boom end castings from K. Mast has standing rigging - will not part out standing. Boom is rigged, probably needs lines checked over and updated before use. Located in Chapin SC, on lake Murray. Asking $1600 for set. There is a...
  3. A

    Ray Greene Slipper 12 Mast question

    I purchased a Ray Greene Slipper 12' recently and have run into an issue raising the mast. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice or tips or could point me in a direction to get an answer. I've attached a photo of what I think is the mast mount. However I am wondering if I'm missing a piece...
  4. J

    420 Sail has poor shape.

    Bought an older 420 that I’m trying to rig correctly. The thing was a bargain, but over the years got jury/jerry rigged together so it needs some work. The problem I’m having, is that the mainsail has quite a bit of sag down the bottom(see pictures). All three corners of the sail are tight and...
  5. P

    Laser: stuck upper mast plug

    Quick story: a few days ago, while rigging down my old beloved Laser, the bottom end plug of the upper mast got stuck in the lower mast. Since it is a carbon upper mast now, I had assembled the plug using 3M 5200. That new mast always had a plug that is fairly tight, and I presume some extra...
  6. D

    Leak through Mast step

    Go this laser from a friend, and it leaks from the mast. On land, we put water in the mast tube and it drained right out the back. It can hold about .5 inch of water, the rest drains out. Here are some pix of the mast step from inside the boat (used a super bright light and a cell phone...
  7. knothead

    installing eye for boom vang kicker on a 19ft sailboat

    i am trying to help someone get an older boat rigged with a vang but there is no hardware on the mast to attach it to. on my precision 15 it looks like an eye strap is screwed into the slot. should i do the same on this guy's boat? if so how? i was thinking self-tapping stainless screws. there...
  8. E

    Buying a Laser

    Hi All I am a complete newby and looking at a used Laser at my local yacht club. The hull seems very sound and no soft deck at all. I rigged it with a local yachting guy and the only thing that caught our attention was the free play between the mast and the tube it slips into. there was...