1. A

    Ray Greene Slipper 12 Mast question

    I purchased a Ray Greene Slipper 12' recently and have run into an issue raising the mast. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice or tips or could point me in a direction to get an answer. I've attached a photo of what I think is the mast mount. However I am wondering if I'm missing a piece...
  2. J

    420 Sail has poor shape.

    Bought an older 420 that I’m trying to rig correctly. The thing was a bargain, but over the years got jury/jerry rigged together so it needs some work. The problem I’m having, is that the mainsail has quite a bit of sag down the bottom(see pictures). All three corners of the sail are tight and...
  3. funshine

    Expired  NEW YORK J24 #648 $2000 OBO

    #648 for sale, includes trailer, extra mast, extra bow & stern pulpit, extra front hatch & companionway hatch, various sails for club racing. Ask for more pics. $2,000 OBO located in Sherburne, NY
  4. L

    Expired  MISSOURI Need a mast for Capri 14.2 mod 1

    I am willing to drive to pick up
  5. P

    Laser: stuck upper mast plug

    Quick story: a few days ago, while rigging down my old beloved Laser, the bottom end plug of the upper mast got stuck in the lower mast. Since it is a carbon upper mast now, I had assembled the plug using 3M 5200. That new mast always had a plug that is fairly tight, and I presume some extra...
  6. P

    FLORIDA Sail, wood mast, boom, rig for sale

    Make offer for pick up only.. I have several items from a clean out of a life time sailors storage. This is a solid wood mast boom rig. Sail and all riging in good shape. Wood could use a quick re- varnish. No rot. I'm in panama city Florida. I don't think its shipable. I can provide better...
  7. vsgriffey

    WASHINGTON Laser upper mast sections wanted

    I am looking to buy two upper mast sections to replace the top section of my main and mizzenmasts on my Sea Pearl 21. In Seattle but willing to pay for shipping.
  8. M

    CONNECTICUT Laser 2 mast

    I recently broke the mast to my laser II (2) and was wondering if anyone had a used laser II I could buy to salvage the mast.
  9. M

    WISCONSIN Parts - Mast, Cubby Sleeve, Centerboard, and Rigging available, Northern WI/MN

    I have a spare Mast and other components available when I replaced my hull with a donor in 2019. Great Condition, other than used. The donor had everything except sails and boom. Good PDF Manual/How to Sail on Capri 14.2 - I will post...
  10. Hayders

    OKLAHOMA Sunfish Racing Sail

    $100 OBO. Not sure how old it is, I just used the normal sail when I had a sunfish. Will sell the zip up bag with sail. Will ship at buyers expense. I am located in central Oklahoma, so if anyone can pick up, I'd sell the mast and boom for $50. Email [email protected] for any questions...
  11. Mycoman


    I have a 12 ft long mast for sale. It appears correct except for length and it is and missing base plug. Can easily be cut to 10 ft or anywhere in between.
  12. T

    MARYLAND Mast Sections for Sale

    1x Full Rig Bottom Section -- Lightly Used -- $250 1x Aluminum Top Section -- Good Condition / Lightly Used -- $125 1x Alumnum Top Section -- Brand New (Still in Packaging) -- $200 ($237 plus a trip to Colie Sails new...)
  13. D

    Leak through Mast step

    Go this laser from a friend, and it leaks from the mast. On land, we put water in the mast tube and it drained right out the back. It can hold about .5 inch of water, the rest drains out. Here are some pix of the mast step from inside the boat (used a super bright light and a cell phone...
  14. gzblack2

    NEW YORK Sails, spars, mast

    White sail with stripes $75 Red white blue $50 a few small patchable holes Spars $75 Repaired spars $50 Mast $65 Mast, spar and mast set $150
  15. B

    MASSACHUSETTS Sail, boom, mast, dagger board, rudder for sale

    Laser sail with boom, mast, dagger board and rudder with extension for sale together. Sail Number 33134.
  16. S

    MICHIGAN Stainless mast wear disks and Teflon slick strips

    Stainless mast wear disks and self adhesive Teflon slick strips. We are offering the classic stainless steel mast wear disks to glue or drop into the base of the mast step at $7.95 Also on hand are Teflon wear strips that apply to the mast with strong self adhesive, which also reduces wear of...
  17. gzblack2

    NEW YORK Cheap Mast

    I’m looking for a mast, cheap. Suffolk county Long Island. Thank you
  18. knothead

    installing eye for boom vang kicker on a 19ft sailboat

    i am trying to help someone get an older boat rigged with a vang but there is no hardware on the mast to attach it to. on my precision 15 it looks like an eye strap is screwed into the slot. should i do the same on this guy's boat? if so how? i was thinking self-tapping stainless screws. there...
  19. J

    Expired  Looking for Adjustable Mast Step

    I am looking for an adjustable mast step, new or used. I have searched APS, Waterline Systems, and eBay with no luck so far. If you have one or know where to find one, I'm interested.
  20. D

    CANADA Laser parts for sale: mast sections, sails, covers, dolly, boom, vang, etc.- everything!

    Laser sailboat parts for sale! Radial or full rig bottom mast sections $125 each Aluminum top section- lightly used- $100 Top cover (APS) good condition $75 Bottom cover (APS) good condition $75 Seitech dolly with new wheels $150 Boom $75 Holt vang & rope- complete rig $75 Full rig non-class...