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    2016 ProRig Laser XD w Kitty Hawk Trailer, Mk II Radial Cut Sail, Harken Boom Blocks, Dolly & Covers

    I bought this boat over the winter to be my new race boat, but have decided to scale my program back this year and keep sailing my older boat for another two years - until I am not paying for any kids in college. For a savings of over $3,450 vs out of a dealer stock, you get: - 2016 Laser...
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    The best way to single hand a Laser Bahia?

    So I am a big fan of Dinghys such as the Laser Bahia, Sport 14 and Wayferer (and on occasion Redwings). I love the feel of racing through the waves in Boats bigger than Fevas and Topaz. We have a decent number of sailors in the Handicap. However occasionally I don't have a crew when I am...
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    Day Cruising and Laser Beaching

    Hi there a few times a year a couple of us go off on an extended day sail in the Clyde here in Glasgow with our Laser 1s. Beaching the boats for a lunch break is a bit of a bind and scratches to the gel coat are becoming an issue. We've thought about maybe a inflatable roller, or perhaps a...
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    Painting a Laser

    Hi guys. I have recently been given a laser 1, however it is in quite a bad condition. The deck is marked and has had a few repairs and is a horrible cream colour. If possiable i would like to make this white, what would be the best way to go about this. Also as for the hull I am been...
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    2005 Pro-Rig Radial Laser with Trailer, Dolly, Covers and Carbon Fiber Tiller

    2005 Scarlet over White Laser - This boat was used by two different juniors since new, but was stored unused for 4 years between the two sailors. I sold this boat to one of the juniors in our club three years ago and he used it for three summers - 2012, 2013 and 2014. The boat is in very solid...