Painting a Laser

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Hi guys.

I have recently been given a laser 1, however it is in quite a bad condition. The deck is marked and has had a few repairs and is a horrible cream colour. If possiable i would like to make this white, what would be the best way to go about this.

Also as for the hull I am been recommended to user International Perfection 2 pac paint. Has anyone else tried this on a laser and did it come out well.

Currently it is blue with lots of scratches and it really needs to be neatened up!
Thanks in advanced for your help.
Did mine last year. Deck in white, hull in red. Two part epoxy Primekote , Two part Perfection. I read a little worried worth content moisture work the cover on because they're is allot talk about it bubbling. I haven't had a problem. Expensive, a little finicky with with tipping but super durable.