1. Trumanwalker

    NEW YORK Used Sunfish Dolly

    Used Seitech sunfish dolly. The wheels have dry rot but still hold a sunfish just fine and they actually help it in sand. $300. Comes appart into 3 pieces which will fit in the back of a car/SUV.
  2. G

    NORTH CAROLINA Stackable style (UK) dolly

    I have an extra dolly for sale, complete with flat free wheels. Works great for both local launching and when you want to go big and travel to an international regatta where you have to ship your boat or stack them in a connex container. $200 Wilmington, NC Thanks Glenn
  3. R

    Expired  CONNECTICUT Used Laser

    Used standard Laser for sale in southern Ct. 1992 good shape, fully rigged, beach dolly, top cover, blades in VG condition. Racing out haul, sheet cleats, ready to sail.
  4. greenlifevt

    2012 Laser, Std & Radial Rigs, 3 Sails, XD Race Rigged, Dolly, Trailer, More - SOLD

    Pristine condition 2012 Laser - Laser Performance built. Hull No. US-00TL2947E112 -Standard and radial rigs -3 sails with sail bags (1 standard Mark I-excellent condition; 1 standard Mark II-very good, 1-radial very good) -XD race rigged with the upgraded Harken vang, cunningham, outhaul...
  5. sadkins372

    Expired  PENNSYLVANIA Used Dolly and Spars/Mast Wanted (Western PA to Rochester, NY)

    We are looking for a used Sunfish or Laser dolly (Dynamic/Seitech or equivalent). Also looking for an extra set of spars and mast. We live in Western PA (Pittsburgh and Pymatuning Reservoir) and also traveling to Rochester NY this week (RCC). Thanks for any leads. I had to put a price but...
  6. NickolasG

    Practic laser dolly

    Hello everybody, I’m owning laser set up dolly by practic, it’s less than a year old and recently I just noticed something. At the stands where the belt is connected, on the bottom must be 2 screws and nuts from the inside (I can’t find any picture) and here’s my case. I have no clue how it’s...
  7. L&VW

    Dolly "Attachment"...

    Got $120 and a Hoverboard? Attach your dolly, and make that last stretch from the parking lot in speedy style. HoverSeat XL - Sitting Attachment for Hoverboard .
  8. Sailor Mom

    Storing the Sunfish - is upside down best?

    My son has a difficult time having to turn the boat upside down to move it from the dolly to the bunk. Is it bad for the hull to store the boat right side up? It would make moving it to and from the dolly much easier.
  9. Jeff Gallo

    Launching a Laser

    Hey guys, I am planning on keeping my laser at my yacht club this summer. I am planning on getting a dolly but we don't have a launching ramp to launch that boat. Is it possible to launch a laser off a dock? We also have a crane available but I'm not sure if a laser is able to be lifted. Any...