1. R

    CONNECTICUT Used Laser

    Used standard Laser for sale in southern Ct. 1992 good shape, fully rigged, beach dolly, top cover, blades in VG condition. Racing out haul, sheet cleats, ready to sail.
  2. greenlifevt

    2012 Laser, Std & Radial Rigs, 3 Sails, XD Race Rigged, Dolly, Trailer, More - SOLD

    Pristine condition 2012 Laser - Laser Performance built. Hull No. US-00TL2947E112 -Standard and radial rigs -3 sails with sail bags (1 standard Mark I-excellent condition; 1 standard Mark II-very good, 1-radial very good) -XD race rigged with the upgraded Harken vang, cunningham, outhaul...
  3. M

    For Sale  VIRGINIA Towable Seitech Beach Boat Dolly for boats up to 15ft long

    Used Seitech Boat Beach Dolly with upgraded beach wheels - $400 add-on - and tow hitch connection - $225 add-on. All included at asking price. Total cost for one of these new would be $1,280, plus shipping and tax. Seitech is out of business, but all of the parts and cost are available at...
  4. sadkins372

    PENNSYLVANIA Used Dolly and Spars/Mast Wanted (Western PA to Rochester, NY)

    We are looking for a used Sunfish or Laser dolly (Dynamic/Seitech or equivalent). Also looking for an extra set of spars and mast. We live in Western PA (Pittsburgh and Pymatuning Reservoir) and also traveling to Rochester NY this week (RCC). Thanks for any leads. I had to put a price but...
  5. I

    Expired  FLORIDA Laser dolly

    Looking for a used laser dolly in south Florida please let me know Email: [email protected] Price: $300 is what I’m looking to pay but please email me if you know someone or if you have one
  6. J

    Seitech Laser 2 / Laser Dolly

    Seitech Dolly for Sale - Serial SM 1080 L2 Originally for Laser 2, so slightly bigger than dolly for standard Laser, but I think it should work for standard Laser. Bought in 1990's, stored in Attic away from sunlight. Made of sturdy but lightweight aluminum and glass filled plastic, and all...
  7. A

    CONNECTICUT 2015 Laser Performance XD Radial Fantastic Condition

    Sail Number 209642 Newly refinished hull, kept in dry and temperature controlled storage off season. This laser has won numerous regattas and has been raced at the World Championship. Meticulously kept. Includes: Complete dolly: tires hold air and dolly is in great shape; Spars: used once...
  8. C

    WASHINGTON Looking for a dolly …

    Hello. I have a $300 Sunfish and am trying to avoid buying a $565 dolly that supposedly doesn’t work that great for a pre-88 Sunny. I’m also trying to avoid a project, but am starting to warm up to the idea because I’m not sure that I have many options. Does anyone have an extra for sale...
  9. T

    NORTH CAROLINA Right-On Trailer and Dynamic Dolly

    $1,200 Red Right-On Trailer and Dynamic Launching Dolly. No rust, in good shape. - Right-On Trailer with spare tire - Dynamic launching dolly $800 1973 Laser for sell, too. Not included in price for trailer and dolly. Includes: - 1973 hull, tan deck over dark blue hulls - in good shape...
  10. Eteczynski

    OHIO ISO- dolly or trailer

    Ohio/Michigan area here, looking for a trailer or dolly for a laser. anything available please DM
  11. NickolasG

    Practic laser dolly

    Hello everybody, I’m owning laser set up dolly by practic, it’s less than a year old and recently I just noticed something. At the stands where the belt is connected, on the bottom must be 2 screws and nuts from the inside (I can’t find any picture) and here’s my case. I have no clue how it’s...
  12. soccer14

    NEW JERSEY ISO Seitech Sunfish Dolly

    Looking for used Seitech Sunfish Dolly in NJ/NY/CT/NE area Please contact if you have one in good shape you are looking to sell
  13. P

    UTAH Seitech Sunfish dolly

    Seitech Sunfish dolly for sale. In really good condition. $250. Located in Park City, Utah. Happy to box it up and ship it at buyer's expense.
  14. N

    NEW YORK Sunfish clone (Scorpion) - Cheap

    I'm trying to sell (cheaply) my complete but old Sunfish clone including its trailer. I’ve really enjoyed the boat for several seasons but I’m no longer agile enough to sail it. My sailing buddy moved home a couple of years ago (I prefer to sail in company for safety reasons). The boat needs...
  15. T

    1998 Laser with Cover, Dolly, Two Sails - Make an offer - Must sell!

  16. Willyrob02

    VIRGINIA WANTED: Laser Dolly

    Looking to purchase a laser dolly in Williamsburg, VA. Willing to travel in-state for pickup text me at 757-778-5623.
  17. W

    RHODE ISLAND 2 different 2005 Laser packages for sale - junior sailors

    2 different 2005 laser packages for sale. Essentially the same, but different colors and each has a hull blemish. Overall great condition and only moderately used for 4-5 seasons for junior sailors. Each has 3 complete rigs and multiple sails, Fulls new or next to new. More pictures...
  18. Flash13385

    ARKANSAS Laser Dolly and/or Bottom Cover

    Want a dolly for Laser that can be easily disassembled Also want a bottom cover for Laser
  19. A

    NEW JERSEY Laser with Full Rig

    This laser has not been used for the last four years, garage kept, and is in almost excellent condition. Unfortunately the mojo rig (boomvag, outhaul, and cuningham) and the back traveler are MIA. The boat is in perfect condition other than a small repair that was professional fixed on the bow...
  20. Nevsky

    MASSACHUSETTS Laser 2 with Dolly and Trailer for sale

    A used Laser 2 along with a Seitech dolly and Right-on Trailer. This fast one or two person boat is needs a good home. This boat is similar to the original Laser but is rigged with a jib and trapeze. It is fast and fun. Comes with 2 main sails, one jib and a trapeze harness. Stored indoors.