Sunfish History: Share your photos!


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Help us create an archive of Sunfish racing and sailing through history. Upload your photos to this thread so we can save them forever in the cloud.

We'll start featuring them on the front page of The Sunfish Forum ( once we get a few. We allow hot linking images from, so you are welcome to share the link to this thread or individual photos hosted here on social media, text, email, etc. You can upload from your computer or visit Sailing Forums on your phone to upload from your photos app. When you are replying just look for the Attach Files button on the bottom left of the text entry box.
I've not tried Sunfish racing yet, but I have plenty of sailing photos and/or GoPro video screenshots.
This is from July 2018, sailing on Lake Michigan, near Arcadia, Michigan.
I'm sailing our Sunfish (foreground), and my oldest son is sailing on the Minifish (background).
There was a storm coming across Lake Michigan, so winds kept increasing as we were sailing, with light rain coming down as well.


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Just saw this one in Le Marin, Martinique, West Indies. 18March2023

looks a bit unusual


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