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    Furling Jib Question

    Can a standard jib be modified by a sailmaker to function as a furling jib? If so, approximately what would this cost? Thanks, Scott
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    1988 Capri 14.2 - FOR SALE in NJ

    Is your Capri still for sale and if so, how much are you asking for it? Thanks, Scott
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    Need Part Name and Number

    Thank you!!
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    Need Part Name and Number

    Part Photo woodbark: this is the part I was trying to describe...
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    Need Part Name and Number

    Need the name and part number if possible to purchase a replacement from Catalina. I don't see the part named in the Capri 14.2 Handbook. The gooseneck end of the boom connects to a sliding metal fixture in the mast. What's the part called? Thanks!
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    Head Board Shackle Question

    What size Head Board Shackle on the main halyard do you folks use? Also, is an eyesplice to this shackle preferred? Thanks! Scott
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    Wanted: Pre-72 Sunfish Rudder Hardware

    I need the rudder and the bronze hardware normally attached to it. I have the parts attached to the transom of the boat. How much do you want for the rudder with hardware?
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    Vintage Sunfish parts

    Thanks for the reply. No problem. I will keep checking Ebay. Just curious though, are you casting your own bronze SF parts?? Scott
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    Vintage Sunfish parts

    Pete; would you consider selling them now instead of Ebay? Scott
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    Wanted: Pre-72 Sunfish Rudder Hardware

    I need to purchase the bronze rudder hardware for a pre-72 sunfish, with or without the mahogany rudder.
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    Bow Handle Backer Block

    I was able to recover the remains of the original wood (oak?) backer block to which the original bow handle was screwed into. Putting this sad thing back into my SF seems silly. I like the idea of making an aluminum or stainless plate and epoxying it to the deck. Question for you SF Repair...
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    Access Port Installation Idea

    I've read many of the posts and links with instructions on how to install access ports in the deck of a sunfish. For those who intend to do this with a jig saw, I discovered a blade which works wonders. This morning I went to Lowe's and purchased a Bosch T130RF1 T-Shank Jigsaw Blade for my...
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    Pre-1972 Internal Construction Question

    Thanks Mike! Can you recommend a good port and where to purchase it? Scott
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    Pre-1972 Internal Construction Question

    I purchased a pre-1972 Sunfish today. The hull was missing both the bow handle and the halyard cleat. Sounds like something substantial is sliding around under the deck. Does the bow handle and the cleat both have separate reinforcing blocks under the deck? What diameter inspection port is...