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    Used Raceing Sail

    Thanks it is sold
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    Used Raceing Sail

    How about $75 to start
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    Used Raceing Sail

    sold my boat then found a spare sail. I will post for one week best offer plus shipping have a broken arm but will get pics
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    Mini Fish

    I can not send email at this time. But do receive them. So please email a phone # and I will call you back.
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    Mini Fish

    1980 Mini Fish Good condition, Center Board. and Rutter Kids got into horses. $500 941-302-7834 Mike
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    ONE BOAT TRAILER SET UP FOR A SUNFISH. Needs new springs but will still get around fine. 12" wheels. as is $200 I put new springs and hardware $300 Locaced around Sarasota Fl. 941-302-7834
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    Need Recommendation for Dolly

    YES Unless you can find a used one
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    3 Boat Trailer

    Thouhgt I would offer it to my Sunfish friends First 3 Boat A frame Aluminum trailer built by Tackle Shack Perfict for 3 Sunfish, 3 Laser, 3 opti's or any combination. The only trailer a sailing family would ever need. It will be on display at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron Labor Day Regatta...
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    Funny report, made me laugh. I do have to say that I was impressed at how well all on the water handled their boats under extreme conditions. For me it was survival just to get around the coarse as the bet around my house was how long before I swam. I was worried when the bow of my boat...
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    Masters Regatta Report

    You looked good out there girl. The Committee boat reported 20-25 gusts to 37 so you almost did 40.
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    BIG Wind for Masters

    Dropped my boat off at the park today. Boy is it blowing stink out of the wide open bay. Forget Weather com it was 20-25+. Same for tomorrow. See you on the water
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    Class Home Page

    Where did the Regional links go ? I am looking for the Florida calendar of events.
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    Mast problems

    Dan is right, Just call Tackle Shack or your local dealer. I just cut up 4 and sent them in for scrap. Jr was tough on them and I always thought I might get them welded . The cost was not worth the risk of being out and having it snap again.
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    Sunfish NAs

    I do agree also 7 should be a wake up call for the class. It's dieing with out kids.
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    Is the upper or lower boom that is bent