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    The Laser class and ISAF

    How many "likes" required for you to share?
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    Best Hikers? Let's hear your thoughts...

    I've used zhik powerpad for years and recently started using SEA waist lock. The ZHIK power pads can be very good. After the effort of getting the things on, they are very comfortable and in no way restrictive. The downside is that the pads are prone to sliping down towards the knee. Seems...
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    Radial outhaul setting different on each tack?

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the useful responses. In short - I don;t have my cunno down one side, I always double check the sail is on straight at the top, and while the outhaul being led down one side only will be a small issue - I think I have a bigger problem. I am pretty sure that I am pulling...
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    Radial outhaul setting different on each tack?

    Various sources confirm that when the breeze comes on, the outhaul on a Radial should be pulled in to between 2 inches off the boom, and one fist off the boom (I think these are standard settings which also apply to Full rigs). Several sources have confirmed that the outhaul should never be so...
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    Laser Performance United

    Does anyone else think that was a really good news letter (For June 2012)? I’m not really interested in reading about a report about a regatta that happened months ago. Good to see that they haven’t bothered with regatta reports and instead give a report on the world council meeting, with...
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    Congratulations to.....

    ..........SFBay laser Does this mean that ILCA members might actualy be told what is happening in their class now, or will one of the few avenues of information from inside the class association now dissapear with this news?
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    Maclaren Us Files For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Rumor doing the rounds at Masters worlds in Brisbane - new full rig sail and carbon top section pretty much approved by all parties but no word on a delivery date. Also whispers that the US / Europe builder is broke and a replacement manafacturer is being sought. I don't know how accurate this...
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    Strategies for light conditions

    I have been in several big fleet starts where the black flag has gone up because the tide has pushed the fleet over for multiple general recalls. The technique for such a start is to pick an end and start there. Do not start in the middle. Chances are that there will be a large mid line...
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    New Mast Top Section

    AlanD As always, your views, based on your considerable experience with the class, are appreciated on this forum by readers such as myself. But, for complete thick-ends like myself, can you re-express your last post in terms that those of us who don’t get tantalised by Metallurgy might...
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    Stuff it Kirby!! So now I’m really confused. I feel the need to be upset at someone, but my poor little brain isn’t capable of working out who. Can someone, more intelligent than myself, please...
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    Cheaper lasers in Australia

    Come on Alan mate - you can't leave us hanging like that. Give us a clue or drop us a PM?
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    Cheaper lasers in Australia

    Given the amount of discussion about how overpriced laser products are – sails in particular – I am surprised that no one has commented about the recent price drops in Australia. Prices of both new hulls, and sails, have been reduced dramatically. The builder has said these price drops are due...
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    North vs Hyde Sails & Practice sails

    General consensus in Aus is that Hyde are better than North, and the extra $ you pay are worth it. I don’t think anyone believes that Hyde go faster, but the North ones tend be of worse quality and fall to bits quicker (if you can imagine a laser sail falling to bits “quicker” then they already...
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    End to End top section

    Finally got around to doing this last week. Thanks to you both for the advice it worked a treat. Anyone know the best way to seal up the three holes that I removed the rivets from for the old bottom plug?
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    End to End top section

    Hi, I managed to capsize recently and stuck my mast in the sand. I’ve ended up bending the top section at the collar. I’ve figured out how to straighten the mast OK. The problem is that it bends back straight away when I go sailing – presumably when I pull the vang on. I’ve decided the best...