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    New Sunfish 2022 Review

    The New Sunfish Sailboats out of Portugal made their American debut at the Sunfish Worlds at Sarasota…. Here is my video review if the new boats and watch to the end to see how Laser Performance can improve. Leave comments on the video if you want LP to hear what you say- See below for the link
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    EdT, Congrats on moving up in the fleet... Alan is right to a point... time in the boat and when I was starting I got my butt kicked in by a guy who was about 90 years old... he said "you're doing well!" and I replied how I don't think I was... then he asked me hwo long have I been sailing...
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    Strange Request- Feel Free to Make Fun of Me...

    SOrry didnt see this earlier... You can Jens Rig your sail and keep the Intensity Racing Sail.. here is a link to my video on different ways to do it... lee Montes.
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    Mast Cleat and Fairlead Question

    Hi Pirate Marc…. What everyone said above is good. One new thing is that an original deck block is more narrow than a new bullseye fair lead. What this mean is that if you are rigging with a halyard purchase you have to go through the block twice. If you add in a Vang you need to go...
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    HUGE Sunfish Parts ANNOUNCEMENT and Class Racing

    This video goes over a NEW Decision, that could affect every Sunfish Sailor in the Country!
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    Best de-powering method for racing

    Hey griffin, as an accomplished sailor like you are, one halyard- gust adjust is probably best. Keep it simple. Also if going upwind I. A blow. Don’t hesitate to ease the sheet to a close reach and go faster than everyone else who want ma to point high. Once you get the speed then go for...
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    Rigging advice

    Keep in mind that the boat's boom is also at a different angle in relation to the centerline since the boom is on the port side of the mast... in moderate winds you can trim the boat harder on port than on starboard and not stall the boat.. (yes not totally related to your original question...
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    Any Sunfish enthusiasts in Albany, NY or close by?

    There is a new fleet forming at Saratoga Lake Sailing Association... not sure how close that is to you... but Dan is the fleet captain and a world class sailor... check them out -Lee Montes
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    Bailer Question and Bailer video

    I have come accross two different size bailers (the threaded shaft) but most fit... a logn time ago I obtained a bailer and the thing didnt fit... does anyone know what bailer goes for which type of Sunfish?? i was told there is a 1-13/16th in and a 1 and 5/16th... on a related note here...
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    Sunfish Parts with Discount

    Hi all. There is a discount being given to all my viewers for any purchases at If you use coupon code “LEE” you will get 10% off any purchase over $100. This offer is good for a limited time through June 6, 2021. they have both class legal and third party Sunfish parts and...
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    Questions Regarding Installing New Sail

    I would be very weary of cheap line, expecially for control lines, like a main sheet. I personally had the cover tear off while sailing... now when that happens the sail doesnt let out since the cover bunches up and cant run through the boom block... now if you want to ease out you can't...
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    Regattas 2021??

    Hi All... i was hoping to get some more information, contact info for ANYONE who knows of NY state regattas that will have a start for Sunfish... please if you do, reply to this message/can be public/ please post the Name of the regatta, the location, date, contact and any other...
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    There is a company out there making new more efficient blades for the Sunfish- here is a video of the Daggerboard- this will be also written up by Sailing World Magazine!
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    Upgrades For your New Used Sunfish

    basically, adjust the gooseneck to make the boat feel balanced. start at 15-16 inches and sail... move it in increments of a half inch back 16.5-17 in heavier air, and maybe 15-14" from the front of the tack in lighter air.... if still fighting the boat in heavier air, make sure you are...