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There is a company out there making new more efficient blades for the Sunfish- here is a video of the Daggerboard- this will be also written up by Sailing World Magazine!

beldar boathead

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Is there any proof the daggerboard is "more efficient" or any better than the current racing board? It looks like it would perform worse than current. Too thin and less surface area than current. And if the first one was tested in November - see the rather funny pic from the AeroSouth website below - there probably wasn't time to perform much legitimate testing before this company started selling them.

Lee Montes

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Great question... they are engineered and designed by engineers.... but I have not sailed it yet... and when I do I’ll report on it. The rudder definitely is much different from the regular rudder.

Charles Howard

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Lee when you do your test, turtle the boat and see if the board can take being stood on while righting. I believe the white board you were referencing has steel rods in it.


Upside down?
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Note that the Laser rudder blade is undersized...
Kirby has said so himself and thousands of Laser sailors agree.


Its not the ridder, but caused by the hard sheating. The keel should be 5cm back, maybe. But its an old and destructed onedesign. With the Snipe, its the same story. The keel pressure should be more aft. Someone presented a solution, cutting og som leading masse, but the board rejected the paper. The way to sail fast is to sheet in hard. A bigger compensating rudder would do the trick. But then its no onedesign.