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Bailer Question and Bailer video

I have come accross two different size bailers (the threaded shaft) but most fit... a logn time ago I obtained a bailer and the thing didnt fit... does anyone know what bailer goes for which type of Sunfish?? i was told there is a 1-13/16th in and a 1 and 5/16th...

on a related note here is my new video on how I removed a corroded old Metal bailer and installed a new Sunfishdirect.com bailer...

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There are (2) different bailer cap lengths.

One is the Old Style which is used on boats built in 1972 and prior. The cap is 1 15/16" long and is part #91061.

The 2nd one is the New Style and is used on boats built from 1973 and later. The cap is 13/16" long and is part #91062.

You can find more info here.

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