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    2002 Laser Radial Special Edition White

    I'm the second to own it. It was previously owned by a friend of mine who was the top sailor in TSA with this boat.
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    2002 Laser Radial Special Edition White

    I don't have a trailer for it unfortunately. I have always car-topped it on my Xterra. It's pretty easy to do. I found a set of racks for around 40 dollars online that worked really well for it.
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    2002 Laser Radial Special Edition White

    There are three total, the two radial sails which I went to describe, and the full rig. it has been raced and sailed. The bottom has been in for a light sanding and polish and the gunnales were redone from rubbing on the dolly handles. It is not worn out by any means. It's still a great...
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    2002 Laser Radial Special Edition White

    I've got to put my Laser up for sale before the holidays. I won't be able to sail once I leave for college and lately I've been sailing on a J105 and have no time for this boat. It's been a great competitive boat and is complete and ready to race. Sail number 175013 Included: 2002 Laser...
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    Pink Boat For Merrily!

    Count me and a few other junior sailors in! Is this part of TSA?
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    Laser parts for sale

    can i get pics of the top covers to ? thanks!
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    laser Top Cover

    im interested and ready to buy. what color?
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    leeward mark rounding

    Here's a good video of laser light air sailing type in: LASER RACING LEEWARD ROUNDING LASER SAILBOAT Those all turn up good results...
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    leeward mark rounding

    You must do a few things to get a proper leeward mark rounding. first, PRACTICE! it took me weeks of practice of over and over again to get it perfect. If there is a gybe mark in your course, there is no need to gybe at the mark, therefore you always want to head a little higher than the mark...
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    Laser+new sail+trailer for sale

    Can I get pictures to
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    Mast well question re new Laser

    What's the weather like? It may not be this, but if it is cold, you might have a problem getting it in. You shouldn't but there's always that possibility. Why do you need teflon tape? It's fine without it.
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    anyone tried Zhik Barefoot Boots?

    I have the boots and strap system, but a friend of mine has the barefoot boots, and I plan on ordering some this next week. The interlocking material is a definite plus and it helps a TON! I love Zhik products, if only their life jackets were legal.....
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    gybing tricks?

    Also, a lighter mainsheet helps. Just tried a new one today and it helped bigtime! However, it was a LOT harder to grip,but it was a lot better on not getting caught up.
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    1982 SuperLaser Sailboat 4 sale

    can I get pictures to
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    How do I paint my hull

    I did a blue and white job on my sunfish use blue 3m tape!