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    Easy Inexpensive Adjustable Gooseneck

    The lightbulb went on the other day when I had to replace the gooseneck adjustment screw because the top was getting all buggered up. For those recreational sailor like myself who want a quick adjusting gooseneck without spending the $$ for the real thing you can use a short stainless steel...
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    old style rudder need help!!

    If the deck plate is firmly attached to the top deck here are some cheap things to try. Flip the spring plate over. It may be bent from years of use and not creating enough tension. If you don't need to kick the rudder up and down you can take a piece of rubber inner tube and place it so...
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    Drying out a wet 'fish

    You may want to think of putting a flap you can pull down on your wind intake port or stuff a rag in it when wind and snow will be present. I live in Vermont and went to school at SU and know that you can fill a car up with snow if you leave a window open in the right conditions. :eek:
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    Wanted: Sunfish in RI
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    Need 010 Base w/ Harken 009?

    I am getting myself a Harken 009 Hexaratchet. Do I also need to get the 010 Harken Ball/Socket Base or can the 009 be attached to the boat with a strap eye? In either application I want to use a stand-up spring to keep it from hitting the deck on the turns. If you can install it with either...
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    removing sail clips?

    If you use a piece of 2 x 4 to support the pin side of the ring you can push it closed with your fingers.
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    Sri Lanka vs. Canadian racing sails

    What is the difference?