Need 010 Base w/ Harken 009?


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I am getting myself a Harken 009 Hexaratchet. Do I also need to get the 010 Harken Ball/Socket Base or can the 009 be attached to the boat with a strap eye? In either application I want to use a stand-up spring to keep it from hitting the deck on the turns. If you can install it with either is one way better than the other.

I was thinking about installing it with the strap eye using washers or a plate to keep it from pulling out. And a small plastic disk between the deck and the strap eye to prevent the spring from scratching the deck.

Advice or thoughts...
Simple strap eye actually works better than using the base. Keeps the Hexarachet lower to the deck and in better alignment with outboard cam or clam cleats.
No need for anything under the eye. The spring sets on the ends of the eye strap and a couple of stainless washers on the underside work well as a backer.
The spring is a must have with either arrangment.