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    Cuddy Door Latches pair- catalina/capri 14.2

    Here are a couple of pics of the latches. Notice there are two latches and only one back piece. Usually the latches break and you can reuse the back piece. $15.00 shipped to USA addresses.
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    Cuddy Door Latches pair- catalina/capri 14.2

    We bought these for the Capri but evidently they are for an earlier model. the replacements that did eventually fit were almose identical. Look at the picture carefully and feel free to ask any questions. Thanks, Walter Why replace the door latch you ask???????????? Our original door...
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    racing in texas

    There is centerboard racing at the Austin Yacht Club, in Austin, Texas every week during the spring summer. My girlfriend and I just joined the AYC and they are very big on racing. We are currently taking racing classes every week. The "Frostbite Series" ends this next week and it has been...
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    Austin Sailing Newbie

    I am so happy to hear your are still on good terms with your boyfriend after your adventure:) Somebody once told me that sailing can be more stressfull for some, than others, when you don't really know what's going on.:rolleyes: Keep working on that teamwork and you both will chart a long and...
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    This was a phenomenal day!!!

    Wow that does sound like a Great Day! Congratulations on your accomplishment of getting the boat all fixed up and seaworthy. :)
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    She's a Hummer

    As I understand it, the centerboard is the source of the harmonic resonance (vibration). Pretty common from what I have heard.
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    2001 Capri 14.2 with Honda 2hp motor

    After recently shopping, and buying a 14.2, I think your price is a fair one and would have given your boat some serious consideration. I think your location may have more to do with the sale than anything else. Have you listed the boat on CraigsList? ..and more pictures is always better:)...
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    You could go to a boat store and see what would work for your application. While in the Sailboat Shop here in Austin, I saw a Tiller extension with a clip that would work perfect for my extension. I asked Chuck if he could order a replacement clip for the "Battle Stick" extension.... I should...
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    Tiller Refinishing??

    Thanks Robert. It was a tough decision but I decided to use Tung oil. Looking at the number and types of scratches on the tiller I thought the smooth finish of urethane might not wear as well. At least for me, when a big scratch appears I have the urge to refinish things over again to get it...
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    HI THERE!!! welcome to the forum!

    HI THERE!!! welcome to the forum!
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    Tiller Refinishing??

    I am going to refinish my tiller and wanted to see what your thoughts are on the matter. I can go smooth and shiney with a UV spar varnish, or use tung or Danish oil and keep it a matt finish. If it is smooth and shiney will it be slippery? Suggestions...Ideas??? What does your tiller...
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    "My 1st sail in the Capri 14.2 and near mishap"

    I have never been in a boat small enough beach. Good lessons I will remember.
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    Hello from Austin, Texas

    We got the boat this morning...yeah! We will be practicing rigging it and doing some small repairs and cleaning. You betcha we will be practicing capsizing technique. The boat is equipped with a really cool telescoping ladder hard mounted on the stern opposite the motor mount. It is small...
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    Hello from Austin, Texas

    Just wanted to introduce myself... My girfriend and I are going to pick up our first sailboat tomorrow morning: a late 90's Catalina 14.2. We have been reading, watching and studying to get ready. I learned the basics of sailing on a Catalina 25 here in lake Travis and crewed on the Clipper...