Tiller Refinishing??


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I am going to refinish my tiller and wanted to see what your thoughts are on the matter.

I can go smooth and shiney with a UV spar varnish, or use tung or Danish oil and keep it a matt finish. If it is smooth and shiney will it be slippery?

Suggestions...Ideas??? What does your tiller look like and are you happy with it?
This winter I sanded my tiller then varnished with Spar Varnish. I found it was not slippery at all, although I typically wear sailing gloves, and often use the tiller extension.

It does look pretty with the varnish and has kept up very well in salt water.

I use the Spar Varnish on my big boat and it sits in the sun all year. It needs an extra coat or two every year, it stays in fresh water. I keep my Capri in the garage, so it hasn't shown any wear at all yet.



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Thanks Robert. It was a tough decision but I decided to use Tung oil. Looking at the number and types of scratches on the tiller I thought the smooth finish of urethane might not wear as well. At least for me, when a big scratch appears I have the urge to refinish things over again to get it looking fresh.
Tung oil will allow me to touch up and nicks or scratches quickly. I will post some pictures when I am finished.

I am in the process of refinishing my tiller with Cetol Marine to be covered with Cetol Marine Gloss finish.

Hopefully I will be happy with the results. As I keep my tiller/rudder in the garage, I don't think weathering will be an issue.

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I used Teak Oil. Check this:


Both are good -- I just like the idea of a penetrating oil.