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    And i thought this class was one design! LOL View Full Size Image This is a Genuine laser sail and race legal It is one of the "mark 5" designs which is fuller than the current "mark 6" designed as the radial became olympic for women. Because of this it is one of the last...
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    Rusty laser?!?!?!

    not sailing it enough? NOT SAILING IT ENOUGH!!! CORR! if you knew how much i sail that boat you wouldnt be saying this! i sail it 3 times a week every week of the year! since 7th janu 2009 when it was new! beat that! now who's not sailing enough? will try scrubbing really hard... but it didnt...
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    Rusty laser?!?!?!

    hey guyz, not posted a post lately as boat has been sailing well, until i got queried about my boat! my laser seems to have rust spots all over the deck theyre tiny ones which seem to be within the gelcoat! it was 1 year old in january, and havent had to do any maintenance on it at all! so...
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    New Laser daggerboard brake

    also webmuppet have you been out sailing and tested the breake to see if the exact location is correct for friction to be on the daggerboard? if not could you give us some feed back on positioning of the brake after a test sail? it will be muchly appreciated! thanks!
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    Laser Cunningham & Outhaul kit

    yer upgrade kit seems a good price just make sure theres everything there and the condition of the expensive parts are good e.g. the cam cleats. and weight vest seems a good idea for sailing but whats in it? if its water thats ok but bear in mind what happens when youre swimming with a weight...
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    New Laser daggerboard brake

    my boat is sat in the back garden and i have decided to fit the new centreboard brake, i placed my daggerboatd in the slot and offered the brake up to it, i then markedc the holes and drilled one! i then realised that where i was drilling theres was no wood underneath! so now i ahev the old...
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    Laser deck cleaning

    hey guyz i have a new ish laser 1948** and i use a low power jet wash on it all the time since i have no places where the gelcoas is coing off it cant really get under the gelcoat to lift it off. that yellow stuff i see in the picture is limescale and we see it alot on the non cleaned boat at...
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    Length of tiller and tiller extension

    im 16 aand 6ft 2in sail a radial mainly but sometimes a full rig and find the tiller ectension perfect!!! good one laser!!!
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    Length of tiller and tiller extension

    i got the 1st edition of the carbon tillers which i think is good and have no problem with it! and the standard laser tiller extension, i have left them at supplied length as i think its perfect!!! especially as its nice and long for light winds!!!
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    Traveller Cam Cleat / Hikingstrap Shockcord

    Its not that hard is it guyz! Think about it! Remove you toe strap elastic!!! I dont have any elastic and absulutely no problem at all! And the traveller can be adjusted easily! Common sence!!!
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    what do yall think

    In my honest opinion! no offence the boat and the sailing gear could do with an upgrade, maybe some xd kit? and a new sail! but otherwise if ur doing a roll tack which i suppose you are then you doing it well! just remember to jump on the side! so it gives you a good speed boost! and remember...
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    Hull/Sail Numbers, have we hit 200k?

    I own laser 194846 and i brought that in beginning of jan 09 and a friend has 195xxx s=and that was febuary so i reckon we will see 200000 in late december/early january. If you owned laser 200000 and you were over the line at the nationals its gonna be the easiest sail number to remember...
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    Hiking strap adjustment setup

    the person who actually comes up with these ideas is..... paul goodison! i got his idea out of the laser handbook and modified it to your design, she design shown in the manual is a bowline tied to the starboard eye (facing forward) through the toesrap and through port eye then between bowline...
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    Hiking strap adjustment setup

    been down yc today and have modified your design see what you think but remember to pass the loose end of rope through bowline and inside of starboard fairlead and through port fairlead then it will not slip as it is held between the bowline and the fairlead any more help needed please ask as i...
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    Hiking strap adjustment setup

    hi guyz have been down to the yc today and have experimented with your design and have encountered a few problems, one i have an aussie toe strap, does this make a difference because from your pic it looks like you have alot more adjustability space than me i found i can only take up a max of...