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    Sail Comparison of new sails, is there a major difference?

    I sell new Sunfish sails with windows for $165 plus shipping. I have about 6 color choices. Blue Wave: blue, light blue and white Sunrise: Blue, red, orange, gold, yellow and white Dragon: Blue, red, green, light blue, yellow and white Mackinaw: Blue, white and green Red and white Go Navy...
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    Strange Request- Feel Free to Make Fun of Me...

    I have new Minifish sails available. The Minifish is about 65 square feet compared to 75 square feet for the Sunfish. The sail is $165 plus shipping. I have Sunrise color scheme and Mackinaw. I might also have a Dragon color scheme which is blue, light blue, green, yellow, red and white (not in...
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    Brand New 2021 Sunfish. Questions

    Sturgis Boats on the Cape was a Sunfish/Laser dealer. Rumor has it that once they started selling the other Laser, they were dropped as a Sunfish dealer by LP. Maybe that has happened to other dealers as well.
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    Sunfish Auction

    Sunfish auctions are completed. Prices were good for the seller. Boats sold for $1700-$3000.
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    Sunfish Auction

    Live & Online Auctions | 1 Results |
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    Sunfish Auction

    Also lot #1209 labeled as Sunfish parts consists mostly of rope and a couple of gudgeons. Starting bid of $100 but probably not worth more than $50. Lot #1246 miscellaneous tillers is only a couple of Sunfish tillers and a bunch of non Sunfish tillers.
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    Sunfish Auction

    Cape Cod Sea Camps is selling off by auction everything. There are 21 Sunfish up for auction, fully rigged. The ages range from 2001 to 2017 models. You have to register in order to bid. Bidding is open now but actual auction starts at noon with lot #1. The Sunfish are lots 1085-1105. Inspection...
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    RHODE ISLAND New Zuma hiking strap

    I have two new Zuma hiking straps for sale for $35 each, shipping extra. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.
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    RHODE ISLAND New Storm Blade Bag

    I have a new Storm blade bag for your Sunfish Daggerboard and rudder. Padded bag with zippered Daggerboard pouch and Velcro pouch for rudder assembly and a handle. Shipping extra. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.
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    Deck drain thread data

    It is not cost effective for the cost of the part to ship to Canada as it is about $30 via USPS.
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    Deck drain thread data

    1/2”-13 UNC. I sell a plastic hex head with an o-ring as replacement.
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    1985 Zuma

    The Zuma had a bonded hull and deck so the first thing would be to make sure the hull and deck joint is tight, especially around the transom. Other places to look for damage are the cockpit rolled edges for cracks. Some parts were interchangeable with the Force 5 (rudder cheek), tiller...
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    RHODE ISLAND Aluminum Rudder Cheek

    I have a refurbished aluminum rudder cheek for sale. Has been cleaned, primed and painted. New pintle pin and pivot bolt with plastic washers. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com or PM here. $110, shipping available for extra fee.
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    1980 Sunfish

    I have a 1980 Sunfish sailboat for sale. Includes brand new sail, sail/spar bag, refurbished rudder with new rudder cheek, mahogany Daggerboard that has been fiberglassed, mast, booms, mainsheet cleat, new halyard and new mainsheet and new bow handle. This boat is ready for the water. $1550...
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    RHODE ISLAND New Minifish Sails

    I have two new Minifish sails available. Blue wave color scheme (white, light blue and dark blue) and Dragon color scheme (yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, red and white). Both sails have a window and stainless steel grommets. Shipping available. $165 each.