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    Drain plugs?

    You are correct but for an extra 10 cents, why not put one on.
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    Drain plugs?

    O-ring insures no water in drain.
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    Drain plugs?

    I use the same nylon hex bolt but add an o-ring.
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    If you cannot find a Depersia plug you can use a PVC pipe threaded plug. Cannot remember what size you need but somewhere 1-1/4 I think. Then just drill a few holes in it so it thinks it's a Depersia.
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    Class legal race sail

    I have a used one regatta Champions of Champions (it is red, white and blue) race sail. Used in that regatta, in my cedar closet since. PM me if interested. I also have a all white North race sail as well.
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    Need some specs for the rudder pin.

    I can measure one up and send you a CAD drawing of it. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Intensity Sails "Loop On" sails?

    I purchased one of these sails. I first thought that all loops were velcro, therefore adjustable. However, that is not the case. Most are fixed loops. I think that the loops are too big and there is too much distance between the sail and boom. I know for the lower boom it is necessary to get by...
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    I did it

    Congrats and happpy sailing!
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    My free Super Sunfish and $50 trailer.

    Nice find. What did you use to clean the sail?
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    RHODE ISLAND Sunfish boom set

    I have a complete boom set for a Sunfish. Includes all end caps, s hook, mainsheet blocks and gooseneck. $150, for both, cash only. Shipping not available.
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    1983 Sunfish

    I have a 1983 Sunfish, complete ready to go sailing. Includes rudder and Daggerboard, mast, booms, halyard, new mainsheet, new ratchet block, new sail still in bag, sail clips, cockpit bailer and new bow handle. Asking $1200, cash only. If you need help rigging the new sail I can help you after...
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    New Sunfish Sail w/window

    I sent a private message to you.
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    New Sunfish Sail w/window

    Shipping is $21 Priority Mail. Total then is $236 with sail, sail rings and sail/rope bag.
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    New Sunfish Sail w/window

    I will get you a total tomorrow morning and my Venmo information.
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    New Sunfish Sail w/window

    I accept Venmo or PayPal or a mailed check. If you let me know your zip code, I’ll calculate shipping costs. Let me know if you need sail rings as well as I have a new set of 30 for $30 or used set of 30 for $15. What color scheme are you interested in? I have about 7 or 8 different ones.