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    Looking for 2 sunfish masts near New Hartford,Ct Frank 860 379 2095

    I have masts available in Smithfield, RI. Used and new.
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    Laser Daggerboard no 2

    I am in Smithfield, RI. Shipping and handling with insurance to you in Newport would be $30. It would be one day Priority Mail.
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    Replacement Decals for Vanguard Sunfish?

    Look up bluehydro2k on eBay. He makes and sells these hull decals.
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    Minifish—What is this for?

    I've seen Sunfish with two dimples in that spot as a marker for adding an eye strap. It is a great idea as I always include a tie rope with the daggerboards I sell.
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    Looking for a sail

    I have a used yellow and white sail for $50. I have new sails for $155, 5 color choices.
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    Laser Daggerboard no 2

    Shipping and handling is $70.05 by USPS 2 day Priority Mail. UPS ground is $65.
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    Laser Daggerboard no 2

    Send me your zip code and I will determine shipping costs.
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    Laser Daggerboard no 2

    Yes I still have it.
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    Super Sunfish Rig and sail value

    Shipping is assuming you buy more than one item. If smaller package shipping will be less.
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    Super Sunfish Rig and sail value

    Here is what I have... outhaul hook with shackle $15 3:1 boom vang with rope Harken becket block with Laser fiddle block with v jam $25 4:1 boom vang with Harken double block and Ronstan fiddle with becket and v jam and rope $25 mainsheet 25 feet of 5/16” (was for a Force 5 which had a...
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    New Ice Blue

    I am taking a guess that from left to right you have: mainsheet, halyard, 2nd halyard for Jens type rig, daggerboard retainer, outhaul, cunningham, sail ties Interesting that they use Nautos blocks as they sell Sunfish and Laser parts competing against LaserPerformance.
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    Super Sunfish Rig and sail value

    I can help you with some of these parts. I’ll gather up what I have to help you.
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    1968 sunfish boom

    I believe it was the upper boom with the issue.
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    New Laser Booms

    all have been sold
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    1968 sunfish boom

    I was going to suggest end for end flip instead of cutting. But cutting 3/8 off is not a big deal either. You could also rotate 90 degrees and reinstall end caps in correct position.