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    ISO Rudder

    Rudder head is brand new and class legal. Rudder blade came from factory closing in Portsmouth so was made at LP but is missing sticker. $160 for rudder head and $50 for blade. Here is a photo of rudder head. I'll get photos of blade later as it is in storage unit.
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    ISO Rudder

    Still looking? I have rudder blade and rudder head available.
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    Race ready sunfish wanted

    Sent you a private message about a boat available in RI.
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    Laser parts wanted

    The Laser hiking straps that I have are 34 inches long.
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    Ronstan Clear Start Watch

    Alan I have a brand new RF4030, never used still in box. Battery is dead but I will include a new battery, you just install. Is this the model you are looking for? cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.
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    Looking for sunfish parts

    I have a Minifish rudder for $175. I have daggerboards starting at $75. Buy both for $230.
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    Laser parts wanted

    Not sure if the laser straps will work or not. What length do you need?
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    Sunfish Wood Daggerboards

    Yes these will work for. Slightly longer than the original Minifish daggerboard but will improve pointing up wind.
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    Looking for Suunto K-161 Compass

    I have not found the compass yet. I will keep looking. Some items were put into a storage unit so I will be looking there ne t.
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    New North Race Sail

    Sale pending...
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    RHODE ISLAND Sunfish Rudder

    Old style rudder with reinforced rudder head. Refinished blade. Comes complete with tiller and tiller extension. Will include 1/4” stainless bolt to attach to boat. $175, shipping extra. Contact me at cjo1023 at yahoo dot com.
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    New North Race Sail

    New in bag North race sail. Removed just for pictures. No numbers. $425. Compare to $535.50 at APS.
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    Looking for Suunto K-161 Compass

    I might have one, new still in packaging. Let me look for it having just moved.
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    Davis Wind Indicator

    $28 which includes shipping.
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    Need a set of Sunfish spars.

    Yes too expensive to ship as they would have to go freight.