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    Laser Upgrade Parts - Brand New - Cunn, Vang, Compass and Tiller+Ext = $725

    The vang kit is sold... Owners are racing the winter snipe circuit in FL and will be back to ship items hopefully in early April.
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    Laser Upgrade Parts - Brand New - Cunn, Vang, Compass and Tiller+Ext = $725

    Laser® Upgrade Kit - Cunningham & Outhaul $275 (retail $385) This kit comes with everything you need to quickly upgrade to a 10:1 Cunningham & 6:1 Outhaul. When installed, this kit leads the outhaul and cunningham back to the cockpit, for easier handling - this allows you to make adjustments...
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    Mast Bump...

    I noticed when I getting up on my center board after death rolling at full speed today.. I had a significant amount of the dreaded "mast bump" showing on my hull. is it worth fixing? what's the best way to repair this? can I just wet sand it out? Re gelcoat maybe? the boat is a lightly used...
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    I Didn't Win The Laser

    What a surprise... UK Company/UK winner... this started my day off poorly. :mad:
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    Looking for Housing for 2010 Master's Worlds...

    Anyone have any hot tips, ideas or sharing situation out there?
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    Camera holder for Laser

    My favorite steak is "T-Bone" :D ouch!
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    Camera holder for Laser

    I used a GoPro mount that looks like a crescent "C" shape to raise it up off the deck a bit. This mount came in the "extra" bag of mounts sold separately. The glob of electrical tape is to keep the camera tightly secured to the bow eye and to avoid any shaking during filming. I may of wrapped it...
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    Camera holder for Laser

    Bow Mount..
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    Camera holder for Laser

    Here are some recent footage from my new GoPro HeroWide bow mounted camera... I'm looking for a good solution for a simple transom mount too for my GoPro. Maybe something that clamps onto the lip overhang off to one side of the rudder? A safety line would be a must because a gybe could take...
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    Deck marks

    Try using Bar Keepers Friend... works wonders, super cheap and typically available at most US super markets. Comes in a goldest yellow can that look like Comet or Ajax. :D
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    Are foils made of Ozonlynium superior to others?

    News Flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But the fastest Laser Blades in the universe are made of Unobtainium and are now shipping from Pandora in limited quantity... :cool:
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    2009 Masters NA's Day 1 Report

    Great Report!!!! Man I wish I was there with every word...:)
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    Old boat at Masters Worlds

    For the last 4 or 5 Laser Master's Worlds, the matching sail number/hull number rule has been waived to the best of my knowledge. The event charter boats no longer included the "charter sail option." The sails that are mandatorily used in the open worlds, are now held and sold with the charter...
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    The class IS listening

    Excuse me... Can you tell me which Walmart I can go to buy my next sail? I'd like to put one on lay away for Christmas.. Thank you... :D
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    Getting T-boned on Port

    Not avoiding collision can make you look bad in most situations... [/URL][/IMG]