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    Broken screw for centerboard pivot bracket

    Try Catalina Direct tech support 916 843 1871 they are very helpful.
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    Furler angle

    The Luff wire is the forestay. when it sags, it allows the furler to get out of alignment causing it to rub per your sketch.
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    Furler angle

    If you tighten the main sheet it will straighten the forestay and should clear the furler.
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    Repeated capsizing

    The C14 has a round bottom & is pretty "tender". That is, it heels and capsizes fairly easily when not balanced by the skipper & crew. Especially when the board is up! I've seen boats capsized at the dock without the sails up if , when the board is up, someone steps onto the boat without regard...
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    Centerboard Issue - Metal Piece bent

    damn! misspelled vise. Note, it also helps to bed the assembly in 3M 4200 adhesive before re-bolting. NOT 5200 which is too permanent.
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    Centerboard Issue - Metal Piece bent

    Remove the steel cheek plates and center board assembly. Straighten the plates (vice & hammer). Replace the board and plates assembly and make sure that the 4 screws are tightened and maintained tight. When the screws work loose, the plates tend to get bent out of shape and the board will jam in...
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    Replacing Jib with furling Jib

    Hi Steve. I have all the stock C14 hardware (see C14 handbook) including: Drum swivel, forestay, top swivel & pennent. It is all in excellent condition for $150 plus shipping. I used it with a standard hanked-on-jib (Not sewn onto the wire). It furled nicely. Simply fix the tack & head to the...
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    Looking for used mainsail and jib for Capri 14.2

    For used sails photos send a PM:
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    Lots of Laser Parts; Sails-Blades-Spars Etc.

    Do you have complete boom vang tackle? Price? 805 371 4851
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    looking for jib

    Hi Stan. The Roller furling jibs come sewn onto the forestay wire. They are also fixed to the swivels at the tack and head grommets with stainless seizing wire. A roller furling headsail can be removed and replaced with a conventional stay for conventional snap on jibs. You would need to add...
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    How to measure laser speed - polar graphs.

    To create accurate polars I think you need a lot more than accurate boat speed. For a given wave condition, I think you also need accurate true wind speed & direction, and boat speed & direction all simultaneous with ideal boat/sailing trim. RRE
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    Wanted: Jib furler

    For drum, swivel, and pennant, and forestay, call Ross 805 371 4851.
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    Getting Water in My Hull

    taking on water Catalina advised that the leaking is almost certainly not at the gasket attachment. But worn or missing gaskets can direct water toward the trunk-to-floor joint which is very often the problem. To seal the joint, remove the board, work from the top, clean the joint with...
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    Performing Gybe with Whisker Pole, single-handed.

    gybe single handed From an earlier post I see you have a tiller tamer, so the only thing I would add is to make sure the center board is down prior to the gybe. If the wind is light you can probly push the sail end of the pole thru the foretriangle without removing either end from mast or...