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    Sunfish On A New 2013 Subaru Outback: How Please ?

    I always wondered if one of these would work?
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    'Heaving to' in a Sunfish

    "The deep-sea lead-line required the ship to be hove-to, and could measure up to 100 fathoms, being marked with two knots at 20 fathoms, three knots at 30 fathoms, etc. The deep-sea lead-line also had a tallow inset to take a sample of the seabed." From...
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    Salt Water and Sunfish

    And disconnect the goose neck from the lower boom. Mine sat from 1973 to 2011 with these two parts still bolted together. Dissimilar metals in a salty environment led to the boom cracking at the point where the goose neck was attached. When you rinse down the hardware, loosen the goose neck...
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    'Heaving to' in a Sunfish

    "We hove our ship to, with the wind at sou'west, boys, We hove our ship to for to take soundings clear. In fifty-five fathoms with a fine sandy bottom, We filled our maintops'l, up Channel did steer." "We'll rant an' we'll roar, like true British sailors, We'll rant an' we'll rave across the...
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    Flying Fish?

    Minifish and of course Sunfish I'm familiar with, but a Flyingfish? "Laser like?"
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    Which would you rather have? 2 Sailfish, or a '60 Vette??

    I do like how they painted the Vette to coordinate with the sails....
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    Proper method for naming a boat?

    "Spalding, get your foot off the boat!" "Judge Smails: It's easy to grin / When your ship comes in / And you've got the stock market beat. / But the man worthwhile, / Is the man who can smile, / When his shorts are too tight in the seat. [chuckles several times] Judge Smails: Okay, Pookie...
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    Bravo to the Mad Mad Englishmen!

    What is the longest crossing on a SunFish??
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    How to install a Hiking Strap

    Got the Strap, no instructions on how to install. Have the porthole ready, but no idea how and where to attach the strap to the fore and aft of the cockpit. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Down-Ratcheting Web Straps

    I finally got the hull hung upside down from the garage ceiling so I can drive the truck underneath for loading. The straps are of the narrower variety, and "down-ratcheting" to lower onto the roof is a "1 inch at a time" evolution. I usually end up dropping the hull onto the roof from 6...
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    Sailfish + VW Bus Ad

    Saw this at VW dealership today. Found this copy on eBay. Pretty cool.
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    Outhaul lines?

    New sail, old outhauls on old sail had been replaced by a combination of bailing wire/duck tape/nose hair. What is the recommended specification? Any stretch? Still using a "U" shape with figure 8 stoppers on the outer side of the boom cap? Much obliged.
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    Teen looking to buy a sunfish

    Craigslist usually has at least one Sunfish per month on a "must sell" basis based on the economy. Posted right next to the Jet Skis, Harleys, and 4 wheelers.
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    Canoe loaders to haul a Sunfish on a truck??

    Reese, Fulton and Weston manufacture these add-ons. They say they can hold a 130 lb. canoe, and that the "uprights" can go wide enough for the big A@@ of a Sunfish. Weston sounds a little too light in the construction, and don't work well on a taller truck (Expedition) but the other two...