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    Ropes that Don't Float

    Hi all, am currently looking for some cheap anchor warp for some buoys and I only know of Nylon rope that won't float (ie any extra line gathering at the surface) and don't know of any cheaper alternatives. Anyone have any suggestions?
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    Training Sessions

    Ok I need a few suggestions on ideas for a training session Im running. 3 or 4 youth radials at club level (trying to get them to try in other events this year) The idea of the session is to teach them to teach themselves So the aim of this is that they can go away from the 2 sessions and...
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    Tragedy at Hartlepool Qualifier
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    '06 Colors

    andre @ :D
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    Your recommendations please....

    For boat handling I find long upwind legs of tacking every 20 secs is good exercise and practice, hard to practice boat handling without others around For downwind pick a buoy and jsut do it continuely until its perfect
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    By The Lee!

    GUess I need to get myself so tell-tales then Thx
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    By The Lee!

    I have heard this so many times now and I have no real clue what it literally is. I know it's downwind technique but thats about it. I have heard people saying to Sail by The Lee when there is a lull? My current technique is centerboard up, kicker loose, outhaul about 20cms, cunningham off...
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    Good day

    183445 :D I use roosters tiller and its got a random little plastic bit Hes got info on his site so that sorted that out Thx for the rigging tip
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    Good day

    Well it was my B-day a month ago But i just walked outside to find a brand new laser radial in the drive :D :D Couple of questions 1.To slip sail over mast do you lay it on concrete or on boat so that it is clean? 2. How do you rig a cleating system for a carbon tiller(ie how to tie it down...
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    Tangled in mainsheet while tacking

    I kick the sheet forwards when ever Im hikeing so that all the excess is in front of my legs and I wont get tangled but its easily reachable.
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    New sail

    Really I can't see why most people I know who get new sails completely destroy everyone else in light winds
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    Radial weight

    55kg is really the bottom end Im 60kg and started Radial racing at about 57kg I reckon the best weight to be to race a radial is 65-70kgs but to sail a radial it jsut depends on the wind, im fine up to a F6
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    Roll Tacking and My Legs

    Best way to is experiment on the water and see which style is best suited to your weigth and height. Remember if your not capsizing while practicising roll tacks and roll gybes then your not training hard enough
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    D12: Grand Prix This Weekend (June 4-5)

    Also the Club Championships in UK
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    Boat Repairs

    Hi I just got on the UK National Circuit with my pretty old boat I have some scratches on the surface of the hull so what should I use to get rid of them? Also minor bits knocked out of the front (a few chips) waht should I be using to fill them? Thx