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    Asking advice on Laser upgrade

    I would say upgrade the sail to a Mk2, upgrade the vang etc system and go play around with the newer equipment. I don't think they are that expensive of an upgrade, and you will be in a positive mindset (new parts and sails are always a positive thing mentally) and conversely sailing faster...
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    Something inside my Laser hull

    Just opened my '73 and found the same, 2 foam blocks in black garbage bags. One I can wedge up in the bow, the other cannot get past the centerboard area. Do I need any more than that? I have seen others put the 10-20 gallon plastic jugs in there, but seems like it would roll around and annoy...
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    My first boat.

    Where do Lexingtonians sail anyways? The reservoirs 2, 3 or 4? Kentucky River? Rupp Arena? Looks pretty landlocked on Maps!
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    Trailer and 2 lasers (2001 and 1979)

    Have to admit, jealous! Great set-up for having 2 boasts. Good luck selling!
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    My first boat.

    Awesome, and the exact same color as mine, and from the same decade. I need to reinforce the mast step here shortly after repair a few dings on the deck. Welcome!
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    Laser repair advice

    Is it too much trouble to post a picture of the entire side of the deck to see where this hole is in relation to the cockpit and how far aft/forward? Interested in the outcome of this big challenging repair. I'll sip on a dram of Talisker if that helps you. Best of luck! Skål!
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    Commissioning a 1988 Laser that has not been used in many years

    Absolute, talk to anyone of my F1 buddies, LOL. What if my top mast connection fitting has 3 rivets? Even more susceptible to breaking or is it more reinforced?
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    Commissioning a 1988 Laser that has not been used in many years

    How would anyone (ILCA enforcer) know if there is a reinforcing sleeve or is a LP part or of a certain length? Take the boom apart?
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    Commissioning a 1988 Laser that has not been used in many years

    Funny, I just bought a brand new sleeve (from a reputable laser parts website) and already put it in place, and it did not go past the mainsheet block eyelet. Should I be concerned???
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    Help, mast step repair

    I'm in the same dilemma, and from what I have researched on many threads, this is what I think about your questions: 1. I'm going to cut out the donut from around the mast tube and replace with thickened epoxy, which should seal any cracks (assuming the cracks are around the base of the tube)...
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    Parting out Yellow 1979 J/24

    Do you take Venmo, ApplePay or PayPal? I would think putting them in a bubble lined envelope would be best to ship. You can Email/Text me off the thread. - 559-217-7189. Thanks a bunch! Sean.
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    Parting out Yellow 1979 J/24

    Yes, the hatches you sit on if you were helming the boat. Appreciate the pics. Take your time. Cheers.
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    Parting out Yellow 1979 J/24

    Rear quarter hatch hinges still good? If so, I will buy 2 of them $5/piece ($10 total) plus shipping. Please post a pic.
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    Raptor Deck Non-Skid Coating Recommendations

    Anyone ever applied this non-skid deck material to their boat? If so, is it worth the $$, does it hold up, is it worth it to rehab an older deck versus KiwiGrip paint? Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    Sink Plumbing

    First picture: Top-Left side black hose comes from the manual pump (not pictured) next to the sink between the bulkhead, goes down to the bottom of the tank. Tank is a tapered piece of plastic to conform to the shape of the hull. Third pic shows the air-vent hose going from the back right side...